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Amira Foods enters Qatar

Amira Foods, the company that has made Amira Rice an international brand is officially establishing its presence in Qatar announcing a strategic partnership with Global Food Trading (GFT).

GFT was formed in 2012 with the vision of becoming the leading operator in the food trading and distribution industry in Qatar.

GFT Qatar will be responsible for increasing the footprint of the highly popular Amira Rice range, which includes 13 different kinds of Basmati options, ensuring that the right grains are available for the right cuisine.

Today, Amira Foods is available in 40 countries and the decision to enter the Qatar market makes for good business sense, according to Karan Chanana, Chairman and CEO of The Amira Group. According to him, total rice consumption in the GCC, Yemen and Iran is approx. 7 Million MT which is valued around $9.5 billion.

“The Middle East is a key market for us and this agreement with Global Foods is something that we are delighted with as it underscores our commitment to providing the best rice in the region. GFT has a great standing in the market and together I believe we can create the proper synergies and make Amira a household name in Qatar.”

GFT employs a dynamic team who strategically and successfully focus their efforts towards the wide range of food and non-food items which are under the GFT Qatar canopy. Mr. Peter Mathews, COO of GFT, expressed his content over the signing of the deal with Amira and said its quality and its variety spoke for a very successful venture.

“We are proud to be the official distributors for the Amira brand of rice. This premium brand resonates with our customer base and we have absolute confidence in our newfound partnership,” said Mathews.

One of the reasons for Amira’s swift success has been the unique aroma it has been able to create in its product. Whilst the industry standard for ageing basmati rice is nine months, Amira’s flagship products are matured for a minimum of eighteen months, giving them a distinctive scent and delicious flavor.