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AMSI Schools to add new features to its ‘Campus Key’

With schools in the UAE becoming more innovative with their use of technology, Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI), the body that manages the Al Mawakeb Schools and ISAS in Dubai, has been offering the unique and state-of-the-art “Campus Key” to their students. Designed to allow greater convenience for students and parents, the Campus Key card has been part of the school for more than a year now. Recently the card’s use has become more and more significant, offering a variety of benefits.

Through the Campus Key, parents can be at the forefront of their children’s expenditure. Parents can decide to transfer credit onto the card through the online school portal or via other methods. Once credit has been transferred, parents can place a daily limit on their child’s allowance, making sure that their little ones do not overspend whilst on campus.

Speaking about the Campus Key, Mr. George Akhras – Chief Information Officer at AMSI- said, “The Campus Key has been a very helpful module for AMSI schools. It is a one-card solution which serves as a student ID, an identification card for any service offered by the school, as well as a debit card for purchases during school hours. These transactions can include lunch at the cafeteria, stationary at the bookshop, school uniforms at the uniform shop and more – all without the hassle of cash in hand.”

The card will soon include a new and unique feature, as of the coming school term. Upon swiping, staff will be able to access important health information of the card’s owner. Mr. Akhras added, “Should a student accidently select food from the school cafeteria he is allergic to, the staff handling the transaction will be able to identify the situation and can act accordingly. With the aid of the Campus Key, staff will be better informed to ensure that the child’s health is not at risk.”

Parents can also track their children’s performed transactions through the online school portal, so that they can manage their child’s account without having to visit the premises. The cards can easily be topped up through various payment methods including online channels and via SMS.

The campus key is especially helpful to improve the children cash management efficiency and reduce the risk of cash loss while children are on campus; such as food in the canteen, stationary, uniforms, or signing up for extra-curricular activities. The paperless system also enables faster queue lines, as children can pay quickly and efficiently by just one swipe of a card.