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Arabia CSR Network conducts first certified CSR training in the region

Arabia CSR Network, the region’s leading knowledge and training centre, conducted a two-day certified training course on the ‘Fundamentals of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability’ for private and government organisations on January 19-20. The course was the latest instalment in a series of workshops that form the first certified CSR programme to take place in the region.

Mrs. Habiba Al Marashi, President and CEO of the Arabia CSR Network, stated that while a variety of certified trainings for CSR are available around the world, companies in this region often face a challenge in looking for a credible and value added training that is also convenient and cost-effective.

“The Arabia CSR Network certified trainings aim to plug this gap and allow people to acquire knowledge and skills related to CSR and sustainability without having to travel to another part of the world. The training modules are designed to reflect the local context, making them especially relevant for CSR and corporate sustainability practitioners and professionals in the Arab region,” said Mrs. Al Marashi.

The Arabia CSR Network’s training methods for its most recent course, which took place at the Millennium Plaza hotel, Dubai, comprised a combination of lectures, discussions and empirical examples to illustrate the fundamental principles of CSR and how through it, organisations are leveraging their sustainability performance for an effective and inclusive communication with a wide network of stakeholders. Mrs. Al Marashi highlighted how the training gave an in-depth understanding of the context of CSR and the rationale of its implementation. She explained how it drew attention to the various aspects of CSR, such as stakeholder inclusiveness and materiality, which are issues that are most relevant to an organisation and its key stakeholders. She emphasised that the training also covered different CSR approaches, the measurement of sustainability and the importance of reporting.

The Arabia CSR Network has delivered a wide array of workshops and trainings and several in-house trainings in the UAE, Bahrain and Oman, which have offered excellent opportunities to build solid knowledge and capacity about CSR and sustainability. Fundamentals of CSR and Sustainability is the first certified training which will be followed by a Certified Course on CSR Advanced on March 17-19 and a Certified Course on CSR Strategy and Leadership, which will take place on May 25-26 . These one-of-a-kind courses aim to build the capacity of organisations and businesses in the region.

Mrs. Habiba stated that the Arabia CSR Network is the first certified training body in the region that has offered accredited sustainability reporting courses based on the renowned, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. To date, it has conducted GRI certified trainings to 199 professionals representing 124 companies from 26 different industries. Following significant requests, the Arabia CSR Network is the first body to conduct the GRI G4 training in Arabic. Due to the high demand and the success of the previous Arabic GRI training, the Arabia CSR Network will host the next Arabic G4 Framework training on February 24-26.