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Arabian Oud celebrates upgrading its page into global page

Arabian Oud celebrated upgrading its facebook account into a global page, which is a distinctive feature offered by facebook management to selective brands that gained global interest. Arabian Oud is among the first companies in the region who achieved this recognition with more than 2.5 million likes.

This upgrade enables the fans in every country to follow the page as a local page and it allows them to communicate with the company and review its products, features and latest offers in the language of the country they are living in. In addition to other technical features.

Saad Al Qahtani, E-Marketing Manager Arabian Oud commented on this occasion: “We are proud of the confidence of our customers and followers locally and regionally, this impose more responsibility on us to provide them with more high quality products and services.

Al Qahtani added: we value the facebook management for trusting us and upgrading our account which came as a result of the social media communication with our clients.

Arabian Oud facebook page offers information about the company, its achievements, branches, in addition to the creative display of the products. Also, it presents the latest offers adding the E-Marketing features which gained lots of interest lately. As well as providing uncommon information about the perfumes, its origin and extraction.