Complex Made Simple

A’Saffa Foods state-of-the- art production plant produces superior quality products

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s leading home-grown food producer and the largest fully integrated poultry project leaves no stone unturned in its commitment to deliver products of the highest quality. In poultry integration, infrastructure becomes the backbone of the operations, and A’Saffa understands this, ensuring that a well-established infrastructure supports their poultry operations end-to-end, resulting in quality control and optimized productivity.

The infrastructure at A’Saffa includes parent farms, feed mill, environmentally controlled sheds (EC Shed), hatchery, modern (fully automated, untouched by hand) processing plant, R&D centre, disease diagnostics and feed analytical labs. A’Saffa birds are fed with 100 percent natural feed (yellow corn and soya) ingredients that are also manufactured at the A’Saffa Feed mill, all throughout the raising period. As a principle following religious, healthy and ethical practices, the company prohibits use of chicken byproducts and substitutes for feeding the birds. Meticulous attention to details, high bio-security and stringent quality control checks throughout the processes ensure that the chicken that reaches you is 100 percent natural, pure, tasty and safe.

Commenting on their plant and farm management systems, A’Saffa Foods Head Marketing and Sales, Sidhartha Lenka said: “Parent lines are reared by A’Saffa’s experts with scientific management processes in a bio-secure environment. With a keen understanding and insight of the requirements, the parent lines are reared to deliver improved feed conversion rate, increased productivity, better performance and adaptability of the chicken to Oman’s environmental conditions.”

He continued, “A’Saffa 100 percent natural and tasty chickens are bred in a closed controlled hygienic environment, and 21 million naturally-fed and hand slaughtered chickens reproduced every year. A’Saffa poultry does not contain added hormones, steroids, artificial flavour and colour or chemical preservatives, synthetic ingredient and no artificial injection of water to increase chicken weight. It’s all part of our effort to give you the most natural product – ascertaining A’Saffa as your only 100 percent natural and tasty choice.”

A’Saffa Foods take pride in having the first technologically advanced sheds, that are one-of-a-kind in Oman and that have a capacity to house 32,500 chickens and each farm is automatically controlled through advanced climate control systems. Optimal temperatures and humidity levels are programmed into the system and it maintains the conditions round the clock. In addition, the entire feeding and watering systems are fully automated. The entire farm is operated and controlled from a single computer-based system.

A’Saffa Foods has been a pioneer in the production of quality poultry products since the company established its operations in 2001 and is now an acknowledged leader in the poultry market in Oman and rapidly growing its international presence in the GCC and beyond. One of the keys to the taste and quality of A’Saffa Foods chicken products is the fact that all chickens at the state of the art facility in the south of Oman are fed natural feed – that plays a major role in the superb taste of the chickens and ensures that consumers are buying a natural and tasty product.

Being pioneers in fully integrated poultry production and farm management systems we have built our competence and expertise in food production, processed food technology and innovative food recipes helping us to deliver new, flavorful choices that consumers can enjoy anytime,” said Sidhartha Lenka.