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Aspetar’s Step Into Health Programme launches its new 2014-2015 season

The ‘Step Into Health Programme’ (SIH) is designed to encourage the people of Qatar to improve their lifestyle habits in a self-managed lifelong programme based on a moderate amount of healthy daily activity.

Doha: 20th December 2014- To inspire participants, Aspetar Healthy Lifestyle Programme (HLP) will provide members with pedometers upgraded from the 2013-2014 season that now include calorie intake and sleep patterns, a mobile health application and website that employ features to better control physical activity performance, and more social media communication to allow more interaction between members.

The programme’s goal is to help participants walk at least 10,000 steps a day, the equivalent of five miles, in a non-competitive, recreational and social way, and is designed for everyone aged 16 years and over of all fitness levels.

Dr Mohammed Ghaith Al Kuwari, Director of the Healthy Lifestyle Programme at Aspetar, said: “We believe in the impact of technology in our modern life, and feel that if we use an innovative approach it will have a positive impact in changing unhealthy behaviors within our society. Our aim for this season is to provide technology channels to serve as a nationwide health and fitness platform to promote a healthy lifestyle and create awareness in the Qatar community. The SIH 2014-2015 season will also provide the people of Qatar with guidelines in the key areas of physical activity and nutrition, keeping them motivated and goal directed while still maintain an element of fun and sociability”.

Thus far, the number of registered participants for this year number above 36,000, meaning an anticipated number of steps totaling more than 11 billion, which is around 8 million km. The number of participating campuses has increased to 13, , and 14 organisations have also joined the programme.

Abdulla Saeed Al-Mohannadi, Aspetar’s Health Promotion Researcher, said: “Step Into Health is a holistic health programme offering step counting using our free pedometers and smartphone app, which are linked to your individual profiles. Additionally, we have several new exciting features for the 2014-2015 season that will allow you to monitor your overall health. According to your specific plan, you can use our website and app to log your target body weight, activities and exercises, food and water intake, and sleep. Alongside step counting, these elements work together to support your healthy lifestyle indicator, whether your goal is to lose, maintain, or gain body weight”.

Aspetar have worked closely with different experts to ensure these new features offer a wide-range of food and exercise based on scientific resources and researches, and have tried to relate the food and activity database to our region’s culture by adding Arabic and GCC food. The database will be updated and improved regularly by both our members and our expert’s suggestions.

To be part of the programme, simply register online at, or install the Step Into Health application on your mobile phone, which can be downloaded onto all iPhone IOS 6 and Android 2.3.3 devices, and register from there. The Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF) provides free online assistance and support to analyse your results and answer any questions you may have.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank RasGas for sponsoring our programme for another year, the success of which could not have been achieved without their remarkable support toward community health and responsibilities.

Step Into Health is a dynamic program initiated by the Aspire Zone Foundation (AZF), and under the supervision and management of the Healthy Lifestyle Programme of Aspetar. The programme promotes the concept of holistic health change to engage the people of Qatar in a self-managed lifelong program based on a moderate amount of daily physical activity, encouraging each person to walk 10,000 steps and more a day in a non-competitive, recreational and social approach. It is a multi-interventional programme using tools to set targets for physical activity and nutrition, and can help individuals monitor their performance linked to an online programme to make changes in your lifestyle to become fitter and healthier.