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Aspire Zone Foundation celebrates Qatar National Day

These activities included unique light and laser shows, performances of national music and songs in Aspire Park

Aspire Zone Foundation successfully organised a number of exciting and unique events in Aspire Park during Thursday, Friday and Saturday in celebration of Qatar National Day.

The three-day programme of activity was specially designed to inspire national pride and create an enjoyable atmosphere and memorable experiences for the large crowds of people who visited.

These activities included unique light and laser shows, performances of national music and songs in Aspire Park as well as a number of cultural displays that were broadcast on the Park’s various screens. In addition, the Foundation decorated the Aspire Zone precinct with the Qatari national flag and lit up the park, its trees, various facilities and the Torch hotel in its colours.

Visiting families commented on the joyful atmosphere and strong sense of national pride throughout the Aspire Zone as well as their appreciation for the various shows and National Day decorations.

Commenting on the festivities, Mr. Nasser Abdullah Al-Hajri, Marketing Director at Aspire Zone Foundation said: “Sport is synonymous with national pride, helping to creating a sense of belonging and building relationships within communities. Sport has also helped to build Qatar’s profile on the international stage. We’re pleased to say that we have made real progress in each of these areas through delivering our mission of enhancing sports performance. And we’re delighted with the large number of people who chose to join us to celebrate Qatar National Day at Aspire Park. We are always keen to connect with the community, specifically around special occasions, by offering a wide range of events and activities that create an enjoyable and special atmosphere.”

Mr. Nour Al-Deen Mahmoud, visiting Aspire Park for the celebrations said: “My family and I visit Aspire Park all the time. But the Qatar National Day celebrations gave us an extra special reason to visit. We’ve enjoyed ourselves enormously today – the laser shows in particular were fantastic. We would like to thank Aspire Zone Foundation for all it has done to organise these activities for the public. A very happy National Day to Qatar!”

Mr. Shareef Khayri said: “This is our first visit to Aspire Park after a family friend had recommended it to us. We were impressed with the level of organisation and how magnificent the park is. We really enjoyed all the different shows and look forward to visiting again soon.”

A number of children, who wore the national dress and other attire in celebration of the occasion, expressed their amazement at the unique light and laser shows and the vibrant and striking colours that covered the park.

Aspire Zone Foundation organises a number of community events and activities throughout the year. Each of these is designed to make its world-class facilities and infrastructure available to as many members of the public as possible and encourage them to participate in their favourite sport and exercise regularly. The success and quality of its programme means Aspire Zone has firmly established itself as a leading sports and cultural destination for the local community.