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AUBMC receives highest nursing credential with prestigious Magnet recognition

The American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) announced that it has received for the second time the Magnet recognition as part of the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program®. This voluntary credentialing program for hospitals recognizes excellence in nursing and is the highest honor an organization can receive for professional nursing practice.

“Magnet recognition is a tremendous honor and reflects our commitment to delivering the highest quality of care to this community,” said Dr. Adnan Tahir, Medical Center director and chief medical officer at the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

“Achieving Magnet Recognition validates the high quality of care our nurses continue to provide daily to our patients. This recognition contributes in strengthening our leadership in the health sector in the region and it brings AUBMC’s 2020 vision to life through our people,” he added.

In 2009 the American University of Beirut Medical Center became the first medical center in the Middle East to earn Magnet recognition from the ANCC, which has become the gold standard for nursing excellence and is taken into consideration when the public judges healthcare organizations. In fact, U.S. News & World Report’s annual showcase of “America’s Best Hospitals” includes Magnet recognition in its ranking criteria for quality of inpatient care. In 2014, AUBMC became the first Medical Center in the region to receive Magnet recognition twice.

To achieve initial Magnet recognition, organizations must pass a rigorous and lengthy process that demands widespread participation from leadership and staff. The process begins with the submission of an electronic application, followed by written documentation demonstrating qualitative and quantitative evidence regarding patient care and outcomes. If scores from the written documentation fall within a range of excellence, a visit will occur to thoroughly assess the applicant. After this rigorous review process, the Commission on Magnet will review the completed appraisal report and vote to determine whether Magnet recognition will be granted.

“It is a wonderful tribute,” said Ms. Iman Al Kouatly, Director of Nursing at AUBMC. “Our Magnet redesignation is a testament of our commitment to excellence. We are proud of the positive practice environment for nurses. It is through hard work and collaboration that we have sustained this honor for the highest quality of care. We continue to be an elite hospital to improve performance in patient care and work environment,” added Al Kouatly.

An organization seeking to reapply for Magnet recognition must provide documented evidence of how Magnet concepts, performance, and quality were sustained and improved over the four year period since the hospital received its initial recognition. In particular, the Magnet Model is designed to provide a framework for nursing practice, research, and measurement of outcomes. Through this framework, ANCC can assess applicants across a number of components and dimensions to gauge an organization’s nursing excellence. The foundation of this model is composed of various elements deemed essential to delivering superior patient care. These include the quality of nursing leadership and coordination and collaboration across specialties, as well as processes for measuring and improving the quality and delivery of care.

“Being recognized as a Magnet facility for the second time places AUBMC on the frontline of leading healthcare organizations worldwide, as it continues to proudly belong to the Magnet community. This Magnet designation validates our commitment to providing the highest quality care to the patients and families in our community,” concluded Dr. Tahir.

The Magnet community is a select group of 402 healthcare organizations out of nearly 6,000 U.S. healthcare organizations.