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AUST participates in anti-drugs awareness campaign

Ajman University of Science and Technology participated in a noble initiative launched by the Directorate of Ajman Police across the Emirates. This comes in line with a nation-wide campaign against the vices of drug use.

The social campaign aptly titled ‘They fooled me’ revolves around the importance of having good friends. Lieutenant Abdullah Al Hosani, Director, Branch for Awareness Raising and Aftercare, Anti-Drug Department, delivered a workshop at AUST campus over the span of two days, both male and female students were presented with the case studies and a detailed presentation about currently rampant vice in our society – Drugs.

Mr. Abdullah Al Hosani, explained, “Usually it all begins as just one try, all in the name of fun and usually it’s too late to realize that the joke was on you. Peer pressure encourages experimenting and soon it leads to addiction, which later affects all aspects of ones live. Initiating at the physical deterioration of immunity and strength it takes root to destroy family life and then poison he personality such that he or she is entirely cut off from society. The extend of this evil was displayed through pictures that showed how the body parts like; heart, lungs, brains and other get affected and eventually fail to support the human as a cause of drug abuse.”

The audiences were also briefed about the other subtle addictive substances which might presumably seem common like cigarettes but can cause equal or more harm over long periods of usage. Addiction is a physical and psychological disease that can be overcome by a strong will, and for this very purpose rehabilitation centers have been set up across the country to assist individuals who wish to begin a new life devoid of these evils.

He also highlighted that the golden rules to always remember is that family is the best defense, their love, support and strong ties can ensure that no one falls prey to such addictions. The most vital information imparted to students was that like other diseases addiction is also curable, the government and society are conducting out-reach programs to safeguard our current generation for a bright and successful future.

Dr. Abdul Haq Al Nuaimi, Director, Community Services at Ajman University reiterated, “At AUST we are committed to providing our students not only with knowledge and equipping them with the skills but we also develop their personalities and groom the future generations of this nation to be able leaders in their respective communities. Awareness programs are always conducted for students to broaden their perspective about society.”