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AUST represented at Harvard Conference

Ajman University of Science & Technology was represented on a prestigious international platform by Dr. Abdul Haq Al Basheer, Director of Community Services and Assistant Professor, College of Mass Communication and Humanities and Dr. Mohammed NaimChaker, Associate Professor, Head of Finance & Economics Department , College of Business Administration.

Attending the International Conference for Academic Disciplines: International Journal of Arts and Sciences, organized at Harvard University Campus both researchers presented their papers in their respective fields of expertise. Dr. Chakers’ research was titled “Country of Origin (COO) Influence on Services of Foreign Versus Domestic Banks: Consumers’ Perceptions of Service Quality in the UAE”.

The objective of this research paper was to undertake an analysis of the Country of Origin (COO) influence on banking services. The paper assessed consumers’ perceptions and selection of banking services in the UAE. This study is based on a survey conducted across UAE. Based on a review of literature, several research propositions were formulated. These relate to consumers’ choice of and factors considered in choosing two categories of banks: local and foreign banks. Empirical research was used to test the propositions. The country of origin may be an important element in the perceptions consumers have of banking services especially where little other information is known in the context of a developing country. Analysis shows that the local bank services were perceived to have “higher prices in general” and to offer “more value for money” than the foreign bank services. This study is important as it has great implications for decision making and the literature focusing on banking services in the UAE, GCC countries, and Middle East.

Dr. Abdul Haq Al Nuaimi, presented a research paper entitled “Contrastive study between the types of converses in English & Arabic” this interesting study dealt with the similarities in the two languages with regards to the opposites they propose. The general perception about opposites is that they are of type but this research alludes to this misperception and explains that opposites can be of varying kinds and degrees.

Dr. Al Nuaimi, who also chaired the session and was awarded with a letter of appreciation at the conference, shed light on the converses for the positive benefit of the languages, he strongly believes that the similarities in differences actually eases the learning process for the users. These commonalities act as a privilege for Arabs who want to learn English as a second language.

AUST was proudly represented at this conference at Harvard University amongst participants from across the world who presented around 475 research papers dealing with various disciplines of science and arts.