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Award-winning Qatari author Dr. Kaltham Al Ghanim to lead a creative writing workshop hosted by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing

For the first time Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) author, Dr Kaltham Al Ghanim, will be offering aspiring writers the opportunity to participate in a creative writing class rooted in folklore. Dr Al Ghanim is best known for her BQFP-published children’s picture book Hamda and Fisaikra, which is based on the Gulf version of Cinderella that has been passed down in the region for generations. The two-day course will revolve around traditional stories as a means of expression and a form of inspiration.

The Arabic-language workshop will focus on best practices from Dr Al Ghanim’s experience of writing a children’s book, including how to develop better writing skills and the importance of researching one’s oral history when writing folkloric fiction.

Commenting on BQFP’s creative writing workshop, Arend Küster, Acting Director of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation, said, “We are proud to be working with Dr Al Ghanim and to be helping local writing talents, as well as nurturing aspiring writers in Qatar. The story of Hamda and Fisaikra is deeply rooted in the local oral traditions of this region, which we are keen to preserve and bring to a wider audience.”

The workshop will be offered by BQFP free of charge. It will run from 4pm to 7pm on 30 and 31 March. Those interested in enrolling in the course should email [email protected] to obtain an application form. The application deadline is at noon on Monday, 25 March. Successful applicants will be notified by email.