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Bacacier presents new solution to customize industrial buildings at Big 5 Show

Bacacier has faced this challenge creating a new solution with Phillipe Starck

Bacacier, a major actor in metallic cladding for buildings in France for 20 years, is the first manufacturer to propose a major alternative for the traditional metallic cladding in industrial and commercial areas with no aesthetic and technical innovation.

Bacacier By Starck, designed by Philippe Starck, one of the greatest designers in the world, is exhibiting at the Big 5 Show in Dubai (Stand 1C35).

In fact, for 50 years, buildings in the industrial and commercial areas are built with a magma of metal sheets having the same shapes. Everything looks the same. The loss of identity in city suburbs is too obvious.

For an architect, creating a unique building using the available products on the market of metallic cladding becomes an aesthetic and economic challenge. Bacacier has faced this challenge creating a new solution with Phillipe Starck, a game where all pieces can be connected to each others allowing the ultimate customization of the building.

Basically, there are new stamped sections. Then a patented fixing system that allows to accessorize the building without re-drill and without loosing its integrity nor its thermal performance. Finally, a set of accessories offering endless finishing possibilities.

UNIQUE is the master-word of the concept : «with Bacacier, we imagined an indefinite construction game, a Meccano which will be an amazing tool for architects» points out Philippe Starck.

Aesthetic and practical, the offer of Bacacier By Starck meets the traditional installation techniques and presents to date the most economic solution to clad a metallic construction and make it unique, giving it a strong identity while being « reversible » without major intervention!

In France, less than 2 years after its release in the market, the 100th building equipped with the Bacacier By Starck solution has just been installed.

Bacacier by Starck is presented for the first time at Big Five Show in Dubai, before its launch in New York in 2016.