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Bahrain KHCB launches Personal Finance Campaign

Customers who apply for KHCB’s Personal Finance during campaign to be granted Gulf Air Airmiles equivalent to the amount of finance that they seek.

Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of Bahrain’s fast growing Islamic retail banks, has announced the launch of its new Personal Finance Campaign, wherein all existing Personal Finance Customers and new customers who wish to benefit from the Personal Finance Scheme will be rewarded with Gulf Air Airmiles equivalent to their Finance Amount.

This comes as part of KHCB’s strategy to continuously enhance its products and services to offer customers optimum finance solutions.

As part of the campaign, customers who apply for KHCB’s Personal Finance during the duration of the campaign will get the exclusive opportunity to be granted Gulf Air Airmiles equivalent to the amount of finance that they seek to attain from the Bank. For new customers, the Airmiles will be rewarded only for financing amounts that start at a minimum of BD5,000 and above and existing customers who wish to top up their financing amount will have to do so with an amount of not less than BD5,000 in order to avail the equivalent number of Gulf Air Airmiles.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Khalil Al Meer, Chief Executive Officer of KHCB said: “The year 2014 has been a very successful year, one in which we have seen substantial growth and prosperous times and it has only been so due to our invaluable clientele. We herald 2015 with one of many campaigns that KHCB will be introducing in the coming year to exemplify our devotion and show our gratitude. We at Khaleeji Commercial Bank, are proud to be announcing the launch of this campaign as it adheres to the Bank’s philosophy of recognizing and rewarding our customers’ loyalty in our services and products. KHCB constantly looks to create new services, products and campaigns in order to justify our clients’ faith in us and with our significant tie-up with Gulf Air, the national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, this was the most functional manner to fulfill that purpose.”

“With Winter almost up and Summer fast approaching, our existing and potential customers can now avail this fantastic offer and redeem their Airmiles for free air-tickets to ease the financial burden while travelling. By being part of this campaign, customers can also use their Airmiles for a variety of other privileges such as upgrades on air tickets, free excess baggage, Airport lounge access, First and Business class check-in, Priority in waiting lists and special baggage identification tags,” he added.

A fully Shari’ah compliant financing scheme, KHCB’s Personal Financing solutions enable customers to avail finance up to BD 200,000 at a most competitive profit rate and approval within 24 hours of application submission. Customers are also entitled to a grace period of 120 days aiding them to meet their financial requirements. Both employees, with a minimum salary of BD 300, and self-employed individuals can apply for KHCB’s Personal Finance in accordance with terms and conditions and just by doing so, will earn Gulf Air Airmiles. The Airmiles on avail during the duration of the campaign is only applicable to accountholders of KHCB’s Personal Finance Scheme and not to their friends or relatives who have not applied for any such financing amounts.

A copy of the Gulf Air Membership Card must be submitted along with the Finance Application form in order to avail the services of this campaign.

Headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Khaleeji Commercial Bank BSC is a fast growing Islamic retail bank that endeavors to achieve its vision to be a leading domestic and regional Islamic Bank, providing a comprehensive range of high quality Shari’ah compliant banking and Investment products, services and investment opportunities to their customers and corporate clients.