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Bahrain’s banking budget declined to BHD71.381 billion in June

Foreign liabilities amounted to approximately BHD51.74bn

The consolidated balance sheet of the banking system in Bahrain (retail and wholesale sector) declined to BHD71.38 billion in June 2015, compared with roughly BHD72.80bn in June 2014.

The Central Bank of Bahrain’s bulletin reveals that the assets of the local banking system amounted to BHD19.48bn, of which BHD9.28bn are of the private sector from non-banks, BHD4.51bn from banks and nearly BHD4.12bn of the government, while foreign assets fell to BHD51.74bn.

The bulletin indicates that the liabilities of the local banking system amounted to BHD19.73bn and foreign liabilities to approximately BHD51.74bn, according to Bahrain-based Al-Wasat.

It reports that assets at the retail banks operating in Bahrain amounted to BHD30.19bn in June 2015.

These assets are divided into several categories, such as loans and advances to the private sector from non-banks valued at BHD8.44bn, loans and facilities to banks worth BHD1.5bn, government bonds worth BHD3.69bn and government loans worth BHD281 million.

(BHD 1 = AED 9.725, at the time of publishing).