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Bahrain’s EKanoo Racing premieres “The Journey to the 5 Seconds”

“The Journey to the 5 Seconds” shows the first ever import car to run five seconds in the world.

EKanoo Racing team has organized a special premiere for “The Journey to the 5 Seconds” movie at the Gulf Hotel on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015.

Event was attended by more than 120 people including the Bahrain International Circuit management, Ebrahim K. Kanoo officials as well as Bahrain Motor Federation (BMF) and Bahrain Drag Racing Club (BDRC), in addition to manysport cars enthusiasts in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“The Journey to the 5 Seconds” shows the first ever import car to run five seconds in the world. This movie summarizes EKanoo Racing team challenges in the2014/2015 Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship, spotting the light on all their drag cars, teamwork, and record breaking runs.

The record-breaking run was set by the EKanoo Racing American driver Gary White who has made history at the Bahrain International Circuit, recording the first 5-Second pass ever by an import-powered vehicle with a blast of 5.97-seconds at 387 Km/h (240 miles per hour) with the turbocharged 10.5 Toyota Supra.

Mr. Ebrahim Kanoo welcomed the audience and said: “Tonight, we are gathered to celebrate a world record that puts EKanoo Racing and Bahrain Drag Racing on the global motorsport map. The record-shattering run of 5.97s at 387 Km/h (240 Mph) has proved once again that we are blessed with an exceptional team that is able to deliver such impeccable results and we will continue to push the limits and break further records that place us as the top of our class globally.”

“I wish to dedicate this achievement to our beloved Kingdom of Bahrain, our fans, our local and international supporters and all those who continue to believe in us”he added.

The 5-Second barrier has been more than a decade in the making; with competitors all across the world pressing the boundaries of what many believed was impossible with small displacement, import-based motors. For EKanoo Racing, the march to the 5-Second has been years in the making, led and managed by Ebrahim Kanoo with the assistance of world-renowned tuners like Shane Tecklenburg, Josh Ledford, Eric Luzinski, and Haider Mohammed, to build the quickest Supra in the world.