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Bahrain’s Ministry of Health, Infor improve patient care

Infor EAM helps integrate data and improves inventory management

Infor, the industry cloud company, announced that the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Bahrain recently awarded a major project to system integrator Azimuth to help raise levels of care and customer satisfaction in all Hospitals and Medical Centers across the country, including Salmaniya Medical Complex, one of the largest hospitals in the Middle East.

Using Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, Azimuth will deliver the project in phases over the next 18 months to provide equipment tracking, staff security and patient safety services.

Azimuth is headquartered in the Kingdom and works across the GCC.

News points
•Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain, the government healthcare institution managed by the Ministry of Health, Bahrain in Manama, has invested in Infor to help improve service, support and clinical delivery to patients.

•Azimuth, Infor’s partner focused on deploying solutions on Infor EAM for the healthcare market in the Middle East, will provide the entire Ministry with a new Biomedical Engineering solution, based on Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management system, which will manage over 150,000 medical devices, including Syringe Pumps and MRI Scanners distributed throughout the country.

•Utilizing a combination of Barcodes, RFID Tags and Real Time Tags, the system will deliver a paperless engineering management solution for biomedical engineers and total asset visibility for the Ministry’s clinical and administrative teams.

•Once fully deployed, adding Staff and Patient tags, the solution will manage and monitor the provision of care, enabling Senior Clinical Staff to manage their resources more effectively empowered by immediately available, accurate and real time information.

•The operational and fiscal benefits to be gained by the Ministry from the implementation of Infor EAM in their hospitals and medical center provides a solution that enables the effective use of data and, together, solve a previously intractable problem.

“Infor’s Enterprise Asset Management Solution is able to provide measurable enhancements to hospital operations and deliver a flexible and scalable platform that will support progressive procedures to ultimately deliver superior levels of clinical and customer service for the citizens of Bahrain,” said Lee Miles, Managing Director, Infor Middle East and India.

“The project’s ground-breaking goals will place Bahrain at the forefront of healthcare technology in this field, providing the Ministry with a complete understanding of the equipment status in its facilities and a deep understanding of clinical delivery in Salmaniya hospital,” he added.

“Removing the challenge of locating assets across the country and ensuring that all devices are serviced regularly to improve patient care is a critical deliverable for the Ministry of Health. Together with Infor, our ultimate goal is to remove the burden of inventory management and reduce constant checking, allowing clinical staff to spend more time in the provision of care for their patients and improve clinical governance,” said Hugh Haskell-Thomas, Principal Consultant, Azimuth.