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Bahrain’s non-oil imports hit BHD430 million in October 2015

Represents an increase of 11 per cent over the previous month

The Bahrain Central Informatics Organisation’s report on non-oil foreign trade shows that the value of Bahrain’s imports reached BHD430 million in October.

This represents an increase of 11 per cent or BHD42m, compared with BHD388m in September 2015, says the report.

The value of exports amounted to BHD133m in October, registering a decline by eight per cent or BHD12m, compared with BHD168m in September.

The value of re-exports amounted to BHD131m, a growth of 30 per cent or BHD30m, compared with BHD101m in September, reports Alwatan.

Total imports from the ten most important countries accounted for 68 per cent of imports in October, while imports from other countries accounted for 32 per cent.

Japan comes first in terms of the volume of imports at 17 per cent or BHD72m, followed by China (BHD55m), while the United States ranked third (BHD37m).

(BHD1 = AED9.73, at the time of publishing)