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Bahrain’s property market stable, set to witness unprecedented boom

Country’s market is expected to be the most important and luckiest next year in the Gulf region

Bahrain’s property market is stable and will witness an unprecedented real estate boom in the coming year, says Carmen Faried, chief editor of Real Estate Press.

Gulf real estate markets have witnessed a remarkable development during the past three decades and this appeared clear during the last ten years, Faried says.

Bahrain’s property market comes at the top of the GCC region’s real estate markets, in spite of the fact that it is a small country in terms of size and population, reports Palestine-based Alwatan Voice.

She adds that the real estate market in Bahrain may not be the largest in the Gulf region in terms of investment value, but it is expected to be the most important and the luckiest next year, due to many reasons, the most important being the non-traditional steps taken by the Bahraini government to regain the confidence of investors from abroad.

This came after the political and economic challenges in the Kingdom during the past few years and through the enactment of a package of laws attractive to investors in the real estate sector, especially the issuance of Decree-Law 66 / 2014 in November on the settlement of stalled real estate development projects, in addition to developing legislation and laws that improve the investment atmosphere through encouraging real estate development and protecting it from possible stalling.