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Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems forays into energy management sector

The Energy Management SBU will be based within Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems Co. LLC the Group’s System Integration business.

Bahri & Mazroei Group, the leading provider of solutions to building, industrial automation and infra-development segments, has announced its entry into the energy management business.

This is a major milestone for the Group which aims to align their various business in line with the UAE’s National Strategy 2021 that seeks to cement UAE’s position as a leader in conservation of energy across the several building sectors. The Energy Management SBU will be based within Bahri & Mazroei Technical Systems Co. LLC the Group’s System Integration business.

Today’s buildings and industries are resource hungry. They consume a lot of energy and are major contributors of green-house gases and leave behind a huge carbon foot print. The authorities have taken a serious note of this and through several strategic initiatives are putting in place several new regulations and recommendations that will have a positive impact on the energy scene in the region.

Commenting on the new initiative, Mr Esam R. Al Mazroei, Managing Director of Bahri & Mazroei Group said “The energy business is not new to BMTS. We have a successful Power Solutions SBU within BMTS and we ensure clean un-interrupted power to several prestigious projects and end-user including Emirates Airline, Mall of the Emirates, Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) to name a few. We believe that the energy management solutions will complement the power solutions business and we hope to increase our offerings to the market with this new initiative.

“The new SBU will seek to measure and optimize the energy profile of a facility and offer customized recommendations and smart solutions to conserve and save energy. We believe that the years leading up to Dubai 2020 will be exciting times and will offer us several energy management opportunities”, he added.

Further highlighting on the specific solutions and offerings to this market, Mr. Sivakumar Subramanian, General Manager of BMTS said “Governments, energy utilities and energy regulators in the Middle East region are already at the heart of a strategic transformation to mandate improved energy efficiency requiring an investment in the new smart energy initiatives such as smart grids, smart demand side management, renewable energy as percentage of total energy and sustainable energy savings. These initiatives will change the way energy is generated, transmitted, distributed, monitored, stored, consumed in the whole value chain in terms of quality and quantity to achieve efficiency, productivity and profitability. The smart technologies that facilitate infra-development sector is expected to meet the strategic imperative to improve the economic competitiveness, environmental viability and quality of life in UAE.”

“BMTS offers energy related solutions and services through product life cycle services, performance and system services for lighting upgrades, data center applications, power quality services, industrial automation through PLC, SCADA & RTU etc. BMTS is equipped with essential man power to cater to the upcoming energy projects with teams capable of design, install, test, commission, decommission and maintain. With qualified and competent professionals, the targets and strategies are set high on the horizon to nurture and nourish the energy markets”, he added.

The global energy mix is steadily diversifying, ushering in a more sustainable future. Sustainable energy has emerged as a major development priority for countries around the world, with a critical role to be played by sub-national and local partners like Dubai. Renewable energy has been considered as a significant opportunity in terms of energy saving with solutions for zero carbon emission. BMTS has adopted the right strategies in order to provide sustainable energy solutions.

BMTS implements a range of innovative and smart solutions for monitoring and controlling numerous buildings in the UAE and beyond. BMTS due to the right combination of energy efficient design of various high energy consumers such as HVAC, Lighting, energy and water demand management, renewable power generation and knowhow in application of energy in these areas. BMTS based on unique technology solutions in areas of power quality, power controlling and monitoring equipment’s, ICT based web or cloud energy management software, big data analytics and IOT energy devices in combination with various energy service business models like energy saving services, energy performance contracting services can optimize both capital and operational expenditures without compromising on comfort.