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Balance Café hosts third edition of Organic Farmers’ Market

Balance Café, the unique nutrition and wellness concept from the Landmark Group, hosted another unique Organic Farmers Market in collaboration with Greenheart Organic Farms, the UAE’s greenest provider of organic produce.

The Organic Farmers Market took place at the Balance Café from 11:30am-3:30pm on December 21. The event featured a live cooking show at 12 noon, followed by a three-course lunch.

The menu began with a refreshing starter of an Organic Farmer’s Green Salad with Honey Lime dressing or a steaming bowl of Courgettes and Fennel Soup. The main course choices included a scrumptious serving of Vegetable Lasagne or delicious Organic Quinoa Risottos with tangy tomato salsa. Fruit Salad with piquant Homemade Lime Mint Sorbet wrap up the meal that is put together with hand-picked and farm fresh ingredients.

The event also retailed local organic produce from Greenheart Organic Farms to encourage the consumption of wholesome foods.

The Organic Farmers Market reiterates Balance Café’s continued efforts to provide the community with effective and healthy lifestyle solutions as part of its commitment to transform the concept of wellness into a regular experience that can be woven into daily life.

James Le Gassick, Country Operations Manager – Foodmark, the food and hospitality division of the Landmark Group, said: “The Organic Farmers Market is an initiative we are proud to introduce to the community. Balance Café has always believed in the benefits of traditional lifestyle practices that are seemingly overshadowed by the complexities of modern life. By conveying the advantages of consuming wholesome and organic food, we aim to inform the public that they too can create delicious health and gourmet delights.”

Greenheart Organic Farms is a unique provider of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables with all their produce being harvested mere hours before reaching the store shelves. Ensuring maximum freshness, nutritional value and low food mileage, Greenheart Organic Farms incorporate a holistic approach to every aspect of their operation.

Elena Kinane, Founder and Managing Director, Greenheart Organic Farms, said: “At Greenheart Organic farms, we firmly believe in establishing partnerships with organizations such as Balance Café that take a serious approach to promoting a healthier lifestyle. We are passionate about growing old fashioned varieties and view this Organic Farmer Market event as a great opportunity to encourage a close-knit relationship between growers and consumers, which is core to our objectives.”


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