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Bank Sohar announces formation of internal Labour Union

The Union was formed under the motto ‘From you, to you’ and was officially recognised by the Ministry of Man Power at the end of April.

with the World Labour Day, Bank Sohar is proud to announce the formation of an internal Labour Union.

The union will operate as an intermediary between the Bank’s staff and the management as and when necessary in order to further improve the working environment and ensure all staff enjoy their rights as per the Oman Labour Law.

The Union was formed under the motto ‘From you, to you’ and was officially recognised by the Ministry of Man Power at the end of April. The union was formed to stand for the employees’ rights and to provide a collective voice for their opinions, suggestions and concerns. Doing so will ultimately improve the overall working environment and foster a closer working relationship between the Bank and its Staff.

Commenting on the formation of the union, Mr. Rashad Ali Al Musafir, Acting CEO of Bank Sohar said, “At Bank Sohar, we strongly believe that Staff satisfaction and retention are keyfor running a successful business. The formation of the internal Labour Union will help in facilitating communications between staff and management, allowing us to have a better understanding of any opinions and concerns that may need addressing. In doing so, we can ensure our staff remain satisfied, resulting in improved productivity and positive output which will ultimately have a positive impact on customer care and their overall experience with Bank Sohar.”

As a part of its announcement of the formation of the Union, the Bank also named each of the members of the managing committee, as was voted for by the labor union membersand approved by the Ministry of Man Power. Heading the Union as the President will be Mr. Juma Salim Al-Riyami, followed by Mr. Aiman Abdullah Al-Farsi, as the Vice President, Ms. Mayan Hamza Al-Asfoor, as the Secretary, Ms. Masooma Hassan Al-Zaabi, as the Treasurer, and Mr. Saud Ali Al-Esri, as the Deputy Treasurer.

“Ever since its inception, offering the highest levels of staff care whilst maintaining a friendly and productive working environment has always been a key aspect of our operations. The formation of the new Labour Union will go a long way in supplementing our efforts and providing us with a direct line of communication to better understand the needs and concerns of our staff. On behalf of Bank Sohar I would like to congratulate each of Union Managing Committee members on their new appointment. Together we have a collective vision of making Bank Sohar one of the best places to work in the Sultanate and we look forward to working closely with them in order to achieve this ambitious goal,” added Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki, the DGM of Human Resources and Corporate Support.