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Bank Sohar conducts in-house training to boost supervisory skills

Bank Sohar recently conducted an in-house training course entitled ‘Supervisory Skills’ for employees at its Learning Centre in Qurum. The skills development course is in line with the constant efforts made by the bank to maintain and further enhance its position as one of the leading banks in Oman. The firm belief by the bank in investing in employee professional development, coupled with ongoing in-house training courses, ensures that bank staff are always geared towards providing customers with service excellence.

Highlighting the importance of ongoing professional development and training, Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki, DGM Human Resource & Corporate Support at Bank Sohar noted, “Having the necessary competence is crucial to any bank employee, especially supervisors. To work in a banking institution one needs a combination of practical and theoretical skills that often cannot be learnt through formal education. Training staff to have the right skills hence is often a challenge. This is why we often turn to in-house training at our dedicated learning centre to give their staff the training they require.”

The comprehensive ‘Supervisory Skills’ training course was attended by key Supervisors and HCRE personnel at Bank Sohar and covered numerous topics including the theory, meaning and purpose of supervision, general functions of supervisors, responsibilities of supervisors and other relevant topics.

“As part of the management, Supervisors need to bring out the best in their staff. They need to effectively lead their teams, motivate employees, as well as solve conflicts and any other issues that may arise. Furthermore, the art of managing people is not inherent in managers, but a skill to be discussed, practiced, learned and shared. Such courses suggest ways to facilitate these tasks and provide them with opportunities to develop their skills and themselves as a person, to progress within the organisation,” added Ms. Munira Abdulnabi Macki.

At Bank Sohar, training and investing in the knowledge of its employees is one of its core values, and this helps the bank in meeting the market challenges in a world of ever-increasing competition. In addition, Bank Sohar believes that building effective supervisory skills that can help both the employees and the bank succeed even in challenging economic times. Such courses help develop and refine the skills needed to manage people more effectively while at the same time, be prepared for unexpected changes. In addition, such soft skills training courses at Bank Sohar facilitate and enhance the knowledge and comprehension of the world economy for its employees.