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Bank Sohar organises conference on Thematic Investments

The conference was attended by several prominent business heads, VIPs and other high net worth individuals.

Bank Sohar, together with Pictet Asset Management, recently held a Thematic Investments Conference with the aim of increasing awareness among local investors with regards to the merits of thematic investing focusing on effectively leveraging emerging market trends to earn healthy returns.

The conference, which was held at the Grand Hyatt Muscat, was attended by several prominent business heads, VIPs and other high net worth individuals.

Representing Bank Sohar at the event was Mr. Mohammed Dohadwala, AGM of Investments& Correspondent Banking, together with members of Bank Sohar’s Wealth Management Team.

Commenting on the conference and advantages of thematic investment, Mr. Rashad Ali Al Musafir, Acting CEO of Bank Sohar said, “Bank Sohar is delighted to join hand with Pictet Asset Management to host this conference which aims at identifying best practices and approach for investment opportunities. Due to current market conditions, taking on a thematic approach towards investment may be better suited to some investors and is a growing trend in the global financial industry. As a bank that prides itself on its active involvement with clients in its role as a financial advisor, we feel that it is vital to spread awareness on the benefits of thematic investments whilst opening doors to such investments for our clients in the country.”

The conference commenced with a welcome address by Mr. Mohammed Dohadwala who also commented on how simple ways of diversification, such as investing in numerous stocks or across different countries and industries, is being replaced by a trend towards diversification across themes or strategies.

This was followed by a comprehensive introduction on Thematic Investment by Mr. Bharat Pratap, Senior Manager of Institutional Clients at Pictet Asset Management; who explained that thematic investing is an investment concept that identifies key trends based on demographics, human behaviour, resource depletion and lifestyle trends. The idea is to invest in emerging trends that are expected to become businesses in the medium term in order to earn relatively superior returns. The risk is managed by diversifying across trends. Unlike conventional diversification strategies, thematic investing allows the manager to invest across industries, countries and stocks.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Alexandre Mouthon, Senior Product Specialist of Theme Funds at Pictet Asset Management explained in details how themed investment was handled at Pictet Asset Management. The event concluded with a comprehensive Q&A session and buffet lunch.

“The conference was a great success with attendees commending both; Bank Sohar and Pictet Asset Management for the insightful and detailed explanation of the concept. In keeping with our customer-focused approach, we aim to continue organizing similar in-depth conferences and workshops for our valued customers in the future” added Mr. Rashad Al Musafir.

Bank Sohar’s Wealth Management Division focuses on providing innovative solutions to its clients’ investment needs in an ethical and risk managed framework. The team ensures understanding the investment needs of its clients and proposes solutions in line with these needs. The team also aims at simplifying the complications and challenges that are related to investment opportunities whilst ensuring diversification approach to their investments.

Pictet Asset Management has been a leader in the field of thematic investments, having successfully launched and managed several such industry-leading funds;all of which have provided healthy returns to investors in the past.