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Bank Sohar reiterates its commitment towards customer service for 2015

The campaign follows a clear focus point for each area of the Bank’s business – Retail Customers, SME, Large Corporates, Government, and Financial Institutions.

Bank Sohar, and on the occasion of its eighth anniversary reiterates its commitment towards customer service for 2015 and beyond in the form of launching a bank-wide Customer Service Campaign.

Campaign that will see the Bank focus on its customer service platforms across all branches and divisions within the Sultanate, once again reaffirming its commitment on delivering service excellence for every Bank Sohar customer.

“On the occasion of our eighth anniversary I would like to first congratulate each and every member of our board, management and staff for making this eight-year journey a successful one. We, at Bank Sohar, have always considered banking to be a customer-centric business and truly believe that outstanding customer service is the key to any banks’ growth and stability. At Bank Sohar, customer service has always been at the very heart of our corporate culture,” Mr. Rashad Ali Al Musafir, Acting CEO of Bank Sohar, highlighting the importance of maintaining high levels of customer service at Bank Sohar.

“In view of the highly competitive nature of the Banking sector in Oman, we strongly believe it is customer service that inevitably becomes the differentiating factor and one that has to be effectively leveraged to maintain meaningful connections with all of our customers,” added Mr. Rashad Ali Al Musafir.

“In a market as competitive as ours, the level of service excellence that a bank’s customers receive will directly affect their level of satisfaction, and inevitably their choice in banking. This is why we consider customer service excellence amongst our highest priorities,” he added.

The customer service campaign will reiterate Bank Sohar’s commitments towards its customers ensuring that both product and service delivery are adequately aligned with their expectations. With the implementation of the campaign the Bank will focus on further improving and streamlining customer interactions and, in turn, offer an even more efficient and personalised service that effectively leverages its market-leading technological capabilities and aligns itself well with global industry best practices.

The campaign follows a clear focus point for each area of the Bank’s business – Retail Customers, SME, Large Corporates, Government, and Financial Institutions. Putting customer’s ambitions ahead of its own, Bank Sohar has always been committed towards a customer focused approach; offering customised products and prompt assistance to efficiently facilitate its customer’s goals. Furthermore, the Bank takes a more personalised approach towards its customers by constantly offering tips and assistance with common difficulties customers can face when dealing with complicated financial procedures.

Looking ahead, the Bank will continue to streamline its customer service procedures, introduce new products, evolve existing ones and continue to offer more personalised customer communication as it heads into its ninth year of operations in Oman.

“At Bank Sohar we believe that it is not just the way we handle a transaction that’s important, but rather, the relationships that we built with the customer that is an essential part of everything we do. Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is vital for the running of a sustainable business and is one of the highest priorities within Bank Sohar. With this campaign in place we are all set to grow hand-in-hand with our customers on our path towards banking excellence in 2015 and beyond,” concluded Mr. Rashad Al Musafir.

As a testament to its level of customer service and banking excellence, Bank Sohar received various accolades over the past eight years of operations. In 2014 alone, Bank Sohar received 21 local, regional and international awards with acknowledgements varying from financial excellence and growth to customer service and CSR awards.

More recently, Bank Sohar was also presented with the ‘Best Banking Performance’ Award at the fourth edition of the Al Roya Economic Award 2015, marking the Bank’s first award in 2015 followed by the ‘Golden Order of Merit in the field of CSR’ Award from Excellence Awards Academy’s based in UAE.