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Bank Sohar’s Monthly Grand Prize Draw conducted at Nizwa

Bank Conducts second Monthly Draw of 2015 Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme in Nizwa.

Under the patronage of H.E. Shaikh Hamed Salim Said AlAghbari, Wali of Nizwa, Bank Sohar recently conducted its second monthly draw under Al Mumayaz Saving Scheme with an overall prize amount of OMR 55,000 won by ten lucky winners.

The draw was held as part of the organized VIP client gathering in Nizwa which was well attended and witnessed five Bank Sohar customers win OMR 10,000 each and five minor account holders win OMR 1,000 each.

The VIP client gathering inclusive of the draws were conducted at the Dar Al Ezz premises in the Wilayat of Nizwa on April 15. Representing Bank Sohar at the event wereMr. Khalfan Rashid Al Taley, DGM and Head of Operations, Mr. R. Narasimhan, DGM and Head of Retail Banking, Mr. Khamis Masoud Al Rahbi, AGM of Branches, Mr. Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, AGM and Head of Marketing and Publicity and Mr. Juma Masaaod Al Dawudi, Nizwa Senior Branch Manager,together with other senior members of the Bank and Branch Managers, who welcomed the chief guest and the Bank’s VIP customers from the area.

The event was inaugurated with a welcome speech addressed by Mr. Juma Al Dawudi, Nizwa Senior Branch Manager. Mr. Mazin Al Raisi conveyed Acting CEO’s message to the gathering highlighting the achievement of the Bank and reasons behind its success. Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Khalfan Al Taley said: “Bank Sohar has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2007 and has grown into one of the leading banks in the country. This success is greatly attributed to the customer centric approach, which is vital in a market such as Oman where we continue to witness strong and healthy competition from other financial institutions. We place great importance on the feedback we receive from our valued customers and continue to evolve our products and services to match their needs.”

The event proceeded with a performance by the talented Nizwa students of Al Mawaheb Private School, followed by an Operate production also by the school.In addition the poet AbdullWahab Al Rawahi presented a special poem introduced to the Bank on the occasion of the Bank eight anniversary. The Guest of Honour, the Wali of Nizwa then presented the performers with a token of appreciation and honoured them after which a cake was cut celebrating the Bank’s recent completion of 8 years of successful operations.

A comprehensive overview of the features of the 2015 savings scheme as well as presentation on various Retail products was then delivered by the Head of Liabilities, Mr. Redha Al Lawatia, highlighting the main enhancements for the new scheme compared to the previous year scheme and other value added advantages.

The Guest of Honour then drew the names of the winners of the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme Monthly Draw which saw Mr. Saleh Al Mashaikhi,from the Jaalan Bani Bu Ali Branch; Mr.Ahmed Awadh,from the Salalah Branch; Mr. Thamir Saif Al Maqbali,from the Suwaiq Branch; Ms. N.I.A.,from the Saham Branch; and Mr. Mohsin Al Raisi,from the Al Azaiba Branch, win the monthly grand prize of OMR 10,000 each; while five lucky minors; Shahd Younis Al Yousufi from the A’Seeb Branch;Ahmed Mohammed from the Nizwa Branch; Hamed Nasser from the Al Khoudh Branch; Ali Haider from the Qurum Branch;and Mohammed Al Gheilani from the Jaalan Bani Bu Ali Branch won OMR 1,000 each.

Commenting on the event and the Savings Scheme product, Mr. R. Narasimhan mentioned: “Bank Sohar uses the opportunity of monthly prize draw scheme to invite the important local customers of the branch and place great importance on the feedback we receive from our valued customers and continue to evolve our products and services to match their needs. At Bank Sohar, we always strive to offer higher levels of customer service and market leading products.Customer satisfaction, financial planning and instilling the habit of saving were always considered as core objectives when developing the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme.By doing so, not only will our customers understand and reap the benefits of their savings in the long run, but can also be rewarded cash prizes in the short run. With each passing year, we are creating more opportunities to win; this year alone we will have over 1,100 winners.Furthermore, such gatherings continue to help us meet with our customers and get their valuable feedback; thereby strengthening our relationships in all regions of the country.”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate our monthly winners and encourage others to continue saving. I would also like to wish all our customers the best of luck in our other upcoming draws in the rest of the year 2015” added Mr. R. Narasimhan.

The event concluded with a special token of appreciation being handed to H.E Shaikh Hamed Salim Said Al-Aghbari by Bank Sohar, followed by gala dinner accompanied by traditional Oud plying. The event provided a great platform for the senior management and staff to directly interact with customers.

Following the success and popularity of last year’s Savings Scheme, the Bank has revised the new Scheme to provide even better incentives to save by offering significantly more chances, more winners, and more prizes. In addition to continuing with its hourly prize draws of OMR 1,000 each from Sunday to Wednesday; the Bank is undertaking a branch-wide tour conducting the weekly draw at each of its branches throughout the year; where one winner will win OMR 5,000 per draw in addition to a dedicated branch draw worth OMR 1,000 specifically for customers of the branch in which the weekly draw event is held. In total the weekly draws will see more than 70 winners before the end of the year.

The monthly draw will witness over 80 winners throughout the year; where each month five winners will each receive OMR 10,000, while five minor account holders will win OMR 1,000 each. Furthermore, the Bank is also proud to announce its half yearly prize draw worth over OMR 150,000 where two winners will receive OMR 50,000 each, one minor account will receive OMR 5,000, and one exclusive draw winner will receive OMR 50,000. Meanwhile, the Year-End Prize Draw boasts a prize pool of over half a Million Rials for more than 30 winners, with one lucky saver winning OMR 450,000, one exclusive winner receiving OMR 50,000 and one lucky minor receiving OMR 5,000. In addition, as part of the Year-End Prize Draw, the Bank will also be conducting a special branch-wide draw for the first time where one lucky winner from each of the Bank’s branches will win OMR 5,000.

Together with its Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme and other market leading retail products and services, Bank Sohar also provides an extensive network of 26 branches and 47ATMs across the Sultanate.

In addition, Bank Sohar customers continue to enjoy the privilege of free-of-charge withdrawals in over 1,000 ATMs under the ‘OmanNet’ platform. Bank’s ATMs at Buraimi, Shinas and Wajajah border continue to operate with the ‘Dirhams Dispensing’ facility; thus adding immense convenience to businessmen who travel and transact business across the border on a regular basis, as well as to customers who visit the United Arab Emirates. The bank’s customers also enjoy the advantage of a Cash Deposit facility at all branch ATMs as another value-added service. In addition, the Bank’s E-channels, encompassing SMS and internet banking services, allow customers to access their bank anytime and from anywhere.