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BankDhofar hosts first Annual Merchants Gathering

Part of the continuous efforts to retain its position as one of the leading banks in the Sultanate, BankDhofar recently hosted its first Annual Merchants Gathering. The event, which was organised by the Card Centre Services at the bank, took place at the Al Bahjah Hall, Jungle Restaurant.

The event was inaugurated with a speech by Abdul Hakeem Bin Omar Al Ojaili, Acting CEO of BankDhofar, who welcomed the guests and highlighted the recent achievements of the bank, hailing the strong partnership and support given by stakeholders. The prominent gathering was attended by representatives of public and private sector organisations, governmental institutions, and members of the BankDhofar’s executive management team. The event wrapped up with trophy distribution where guests representing public and private sector organisations were handed tokens of appreciation for their continuous support to the bank’s operations that led to its tremendous success and paramount achievements.

Highlighting the bank’s achievements in the previous year, Abdul Hakeem Bin Omar Al Ojaili, Acting CEO of BankDhofar, noted in his address speech: “BankDhofar, with no doubt, is very keen in building on the existing relationships and strengthening the ties we have with our stakeholders. Thus, we are very delighted to organise this event to honour our merchants and to better connect with each other. As evident, we have proudly changed the scene of the banking sector across the Sultanate by launching several initiatives in our pursuit to provide unique products and exceptional services to BankDhofar customers. We save no efforts and work tirelessly to ensure that our customers’ banking needs are met and we aspire to also exceed their expectations.”

“I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our merchants and customers for their constant support and contribution to BankDhofar’s achievements, and we pledge to do our best and continue our efforts to deliver reliable, dynamic and innovative banking solutions to be the best bank for our customers,” he added.

This event was yet another effort by BankDhofar to reinforce its position as one of the leading banks in Oman. It has always been at the forefront for its unique products and outstanding technology-driven services, including the state-of-the-art wireless Point of Sale (POS) service, in addition to other innovative solutions that add another perspective to the banking industry in the Sultanate.

The bank’s wireless POS devices are efficient, unlike the traditional methods which make the customers wait for hours together to get their card approved. Using these devices, customers can get their payment through in a matter of few seconds. The devices make use of the latest GPRS wireless communication technology and hence will have extended coverage area and increased flexibility. The new POS machine accepts all major cards and provides maximum security for the bank and the customers. The Near Field Communication (NFC) infrared scanner implemented in the machines eliminates the need to swipe the card, thus making the payments much more efficient. The scanning system enables customers to conduct a transaction efficiently and effectively. Customers can also benefit from dynamic currency conversion while on the move.

Since its inception 25 years ago, BankDhofar has witnessed steady growth and remarkable achievements in the competitive market. A resolute focus on product quality and service excellence has helped BankDhofar to achieve its aspirations. Today, the bank is proud to be well on its way towards its goal without relinquishing any of its founding principles and firm social commitment.