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BankDhofar’s Business Continuity Management holds emergency meeting

BankDhofar Reassures Smooth Banking Operations during Tropical Storm Ashobaa.

Following the current weather forecast issued by the Directorate General of Meteorology and the Public Authority for Civil Aviation, BankDhofar’s Business Continuity Management held an emergency meeting to ensure continuity of operations and no disruption of services during the tropical storm Ashobaa over the next few days.

The bank has geared up in preparation for the upcoming weather conditions, ensuring access to BankDhofar services in all parts of the country during the storm and to restate its commitment to offer best customer experience.

Ahmed Said Al Ibrahim, Chief Corporate Services Officer at BankDhofar, reaffirmed the bank’s readiness.

“Our strategic emergency plan revolves around the continuity of our services despite the weather conditions, and we are always working to provide convenient banking to our valued customers. We made sure that our customers have access to all BankDhofar services through various channels, and we have set our communication plan to keep our customers on the know,” he said.

BankDhofar customers enjoy a vast array of convenient banking options, including internet and mobile banking services. BankDhofar Mobile Banking, for instance, allows customers to locate their nearest functioning branch, ATM/CDM, in addition to the uptime call centre that cater to the requirements of customers 24/7.