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Batelco offers industrial training for Bahraini students

Valuable Work Experience for University Students.

Batelco, Bahrain’s leading communications solutions provider, annually offers the opportunity to a large number of students to avail of ‘on the job training’ within various departments of the Company. With this initiative, Batelco plays a crucial role in the development of the Kingdom’s leaders of tomorrow.

Batelco’s Industrial Training programme, which is part of the company’s social obligation to the community, provides students with work experience opportunities to help them enter the work market with confidence. Students, who are annually selected in collaboration with some of the Kingdom’s universities and institutes, gain valuable experience at Batelco through participation in a variety of tasks assigned to them based on their level of qualification and area of study.

The students who have been trained within Batelco this year include 20 from the University of Bahrain, 12 from other local universities and 2 from overseas universities, as well as 36 students selected from the Ministry of Education. This programme offers students the opportunity to work as industrial trainees while fulfilling academic requirements towards their graduation.

“Being a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to providing training opportunities for Bahrain’s future leadership talent and thus support the educational goals of the Kingdom,” said Batelco Bahrain General Manager Human Resources & Corporate Services Suhaila Alnowakhda.

“We strongly believe in developing local talent and our Industrial Training programme aims to prepare students for their professional careers by providing practical training in a real-life environment to enhance their educational achievements,” she added.