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Bawadi Mall brings back Street Art Festival

Festival to be held from 23 September – 3 October with Family Kingdom workshop for kids

Bawadi Mall, the largest in Al Ain city, is gearing up for an enchanting Eid ul-Adha celebration this year by bringing back the Street Art Festival. Following the overwhelming success last year, Street Art Festival will be much larger and include more activities dedicated for families.

Around six human statues representing different characters will be internally developed by Bawadi Mall, to reflect the concept of Street Art seen in places like ‘La Rambla’ Street of Barcelona, Houston Street and the Bowery in New York City. Also, talented musicians, caricature comedian, hang drum performances, Kora players, as well as spray paint shows will entertain Bawadi Mall visitors over 10 days.

The festival, planned between 23 September and 3 October, will kick off with Family Kingdom workshop for kids organised by Infinite Ideas. The event this year will also have the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with its fictional artistic characters.

“The time has come again to celebrate this Eid ul-Adha with the exceptional Street Art Festival,” says Bassam Saleh, Marketing Manager, Bawadi Mall. “After the huge success of last year’s festival, Bawadi Mall has decided to take it to the next level this year. Characters of inspiring fictional artists will be roaming the mall throughout 10 days. Visitors should expect greetings in corridors and can interact with them as well as enjoy their performances.”

“Spray paint performers are another whole new story. We expect to see hundreds of visitors taking photos of the astonishing artworks created onsite. We are preparing to celebrate this Eid with never-before-seen shows at Al Ain city,” concluded Saleh.

Bawadi Mall attracted around 598,624 visitors to its Street Art campaign last year, in which over 15 artists presented their unique artistic expressions. This has encouraged the mall to turn the event into an annual Art Festival.