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Bawadi Mall to host major campaign to support diabetic kids in UAE

Ayla Bawadi Hotel to organise the event to raise awareness of childhood diabetes.

This Friday, Bawadi Mall will host an event a major campaign focused on raising awareness about children suffering from diabetes.

The campaign is organised by Ayla Bawadi Hotel in collaboration with several sponsors including Imperial College London Diabetes Centre.

The event coincides with the third anniversary of Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, one of the sponsors. which was launched in Al Ain in 2012 by HH Sheikh Tahnoun bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Ruler`s Representative in the Eastern Region.

The Walk, as the campaign is called, has triggered strong interest from Al Ain community and has gone viral because it addresses itself over 15 languages in recognition of the multi-national community of Al Ain.

The campaign aims to give support diabetic children and help acknowledge them as an integral part of the community.

“We will start The Walk at 8am from the Main Atrium of Bawadi Mall,” says Bassam Saleh, Marketing Manager of Bawadi Mall. “We invite the entire Al Ain community to express their support to this cause by joining this event.”

“We are hosting this event to raise awareness about the treatment, training, public health and research of diabetes. It is always a pleasure to host such campaigns as we understand the role we play in the welfare of the Al Ain community and the surrounding area,” added Saleh.

“There is an alarming rise in cases of childhood diabetes in Al Ain, and this campaign is aimed to help families understand the importance of healthy habits for their kids,” concluded Saleh.