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BBK announces with BKIC launch of new products under ‘SECURA’ Bancassurance product range

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, announces the launch of a comprehensive new range of products under its bancassurance brand ‘SECURA’.

BBK has been active in the field of bancassurance for over a decade through its partnership with Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC) and was one of the first banks in the region to sell motor, home and travel insurance policies throughout its branches in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

SECURA is being re-established as BBK’s comprehensive insurance brand and under it the Bank is launching an exciting new range of general insurance products designed to meet all of the insurance needs of BBK customers. The launch of the new products is made possible through BBK’s more than a decade old close collaboration with BKIC. BBK customers can now enjoy a wide range of SECURA general insurance products from BKIC to meet all of their protection needs. These products have been greatly enhanced over their initial versions which were introduced earlier and offer extremely competitive and unique coverage details as well as pricing.

They are as follows:
1.MotorSecura: a comprehensive motor insurance policy giving the customer a wide range of benefits that extend beyond the insured vehicle. Besides the coverage for third party liability and damage to the vehicle, the policy also provides life insurance for both natural and accidental death, premiums not being affected by “Hit and Run” claims and claims up to BD 500 per annum, travel insurance benefits that are not necessarily linked to the vehicle and the ability to customize benefits according to the needs and budget of the client.

-HomeSecura: is a comprehensive insurance policy for residential properties that provides clients a wide range of benefits that extend beyond fire and special perils insurance coverage for the building and the contents. The coverage is extended to cover the domestic servants at the property and loss of rent or cost of alternative accommodation in case of damage to the property. HomeSecura also provides FREE 24/7 Home Assistance Emergency Services such as for emergency plumbing, electrical failure, locksmith and glasswork services. HomeSecura also has the unique feature of repairing/rebuilding the property in the event of damage, to its condition when it was NEW without deductions towards depreciation or wear and tear. The premiums start from as low as BD 20 per annum.

-TravelSecura: is an annual travel insurance policy that covers the ENTIRE family in one policy, with a worldwide coverage for multiple trips during the year. The premium is as low as BD 58.5 per annum. It provides protection to the family before and during the trip.

-HopeSecura: is a new product tailored to cover 12 critical illnesses at a very affordable price. It pays out a single payment to the insured in the event of being diagnosed with one of the 12 critical illnesses that include cancer, coma, kidney failure, stroke, first heart attack, certain other heart related illnesses/conditions among several other illnesses. The payment given to the insured upon diagnosis can be used for any purpose that the insured needs such as medical treatment/debt settlement, etc. Premiums start from as low as BD 20 per annum and the coverage is for individuals aged between 18 to 63 years old.

All of the above BBK products are now available under BBK’s SECURA brand and can be obtained from any BBK branch.

Announcing the introduction of the new SECURA product range, Mr. Abdul Karim Bucheery, BBK’s Chief Executive, said: “the introduction of the enhanced and new SECURA products through our partnership with long time partner BKIC is part of BBK’s continuing efforts to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of products and services which satisfy all of their financial needs and that are enhanced regularly to cater to the ever changing needs of the market. We are proud of this partnership with BKIC and are confident that our product and service offerings are unmatched in the local market.”

Mr. Ebrahim Al Rayes, Chief Executive of BKIC, said: “we are delighted to take this partnership with BBK that has spanned more than a decade and was the first bancassurane offering in the market to the next level. We have worked together closely to ensure that there is a product to suit every BBK customer need. We aim to provide all the benefits that clients can get from BKIC at every branch of BBK and has developed a state-of-the-art IT system which enables issuing policies on the spot at BBK branches with an online referral module to ensure the best services to BBK clients.”

“SECURA” is the premium bancassurance brand of BBK. The Secura brand has been revamped into a new sleek look to reflect the monumental enhancement of the products range. In May 2012, BBK has launched seven life insurance products and saving plans with Medgulf Takaful.With the addition of the four new general insurance with BKIC, the total is brought up to 11 Secura products. BBK thus has two quality insurance partners for SECURA – BKIC and Medgulf Takaful.

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