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BEAM announces three new school projects

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management’s trio of developments to expand its education footprint in UAE

Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management International (BEAM) has announced that it has signed construction contracts to deliver three new school projects in 2016. BEAM’s trio of developments is aimed at expanding the footprint of its successful and proven dual curriculum K-13 education under the Creative Science Schools brand, offering a unique blend of teaching and learning environments that encompass the best academic practices, processes and technology.

“Since successfully establishing our first school in 2002, we have come a long way in realising what we so passionately set out to achieve. Our focus is to create a schooling system that prepares children holistically for their future. This means educating them not only in the most modern sciences and technology, but also in languages, culture, ethos and values. To this end, we have brought together a great team of leaders who have enabled the creation of an all-inclusive ecosystem that brings education to life,” said Salah Bukhatir, Chairman and CEO of BEAM and Vice Chairman of Bukhatir Group.

BEAM’s new UK curriculum school is the International School of Creative Science that will be based in Nad Al Sheba in close proximity to other major international schools and near Mohammad bin Zayed Road (E311). The second development is the US curriculum-based American School of Creative Science, which will be located in Al Barsha on Al Khail Road (E88). The third campus – a second US curriculum-based American School of Creative Science – will be located in the Al Layyah neighbourhood in Sharjah. BEAM’s ultimate objective with its trio of projects is to expand its successful schooling system to new geographical areas in the UAE, extending access to its US and UK curriculum schools to parents and children across the country.

“Learning spaces and extra-curricular facilities are as important as the curriculum and other teaching elements that go into a child’s education. Providing the right campus environment is the key to the creation of a carefully crafted learning environment for pupils, which ultimately leads to the school’s success,” added Mr. Bukhatir.

“This is an area where we excel and in conjunction with our valued development partners Bukhatir Properties, Darwish Engineering and Eastern International, we are looking forward to incorporating our award-winning state-of-the-art features at BEAM’s three new schools to bring the very best of educational infrastructure for the students in the UAE. We will be leveraging this valued partnership as we look to the future to build more schools together in new geographical areas,” he continued.

BEAM has an integrated focus in school operations, third-party school management services, teacher training and development, specialised school management systems and other allied educational services. It is also making a foray into tertiary education. BEAM is a member of Bukhatir Group whose other main interests include construction, manufacturing, information technology, shopping malls, engineering services, real estate development and sports.