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Bears, bulls, predictions and everything in between for cryptos 2019

Top Blockchain and Bitcoin price predictions for 2019

You can’t say we didn’t let you in on what could be a breakthrough 2019 for blockchain and Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that these are predictions made by industry experts, and 2018 have proven experts wrong and wrong again, at least when it comes to prices.

First, from the Bitcoin Exchange Guide News team, here are first 6 blockchain and crypto technology news to ponder for next year.

1-Blockchain Will Meet Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technology is growing and according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), Blockchain technology is poised to lead to an improvement of service and to boost sales.

2-Blockchain Mass Adoption

A survey conducted by IDC found that the survey’s respondents were willing to invest millions into blockchain technology this coming year. One example is IBM, which has developed a blockchain system for developers who are interested in creating a decentralized app.


Video gaming services are becoming increasingly interested in crypto tokens and founding their services on blockchain technology. One popular example is Bountie, a company that is planning on launching a gaming platform that allows players to receive rewards in cryptocurrencies. They can use the cryptocurrency payments to purchase games and merchandise.

4-Decentralized Apps and exchanges

Ethereum’s first D’App was CryptoKitties and the purpose of this system was to enable users to collect and breed digital cats. Though the system did not do much for the industry, it served an idea that saw a great deal of potential and provided promise for future D’App games. The blockchain industry may also boost decentralized crypto exchanges.

5-Industry Disruption

Blockchain is related to terms such as ICOs, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency in general. The technology is poised to change various industries, the banking industry being one of the most significant. Other industries that the technology is also impacting is the shipping and supply chain industries.

6-Government Agencies

The final player that may move into the blockchain industry is government agencies. These agencies appreciate the immutable distributed ledger and the security that they provide.

Next are Coinpredictor’s own take on cryptos for 2019.

Event-based forecast algorithm

Coinpredictor’s unique event-based Bitcoin prediction algorithm is estimating that BTC dollar value is going to ascend and will be +374% reaching towards $18,350.48 by 04-08-2019.

It said that the soonest event for Bitcoin would occur on 12-12-2018 when the value per coin will be +17.5%approaching to $4,548.91.

That didn’t happen, but here are more predictions.

The forecast tool has scanned 5911 global occurrences that happened in the cryptocurrency world in the past to estimate the relevance in value change connected with every event grouping.


$6447- jan1 (AMEinfo forecasts this as highly unlikely)

$9463- Jan 28 (AMEinfo forecasts this as highly unlikely)

$14,500 Feb 24 (AMEinfo forecasts this as highly unlikely)

$18,000 April 4 (AMEinfo puts a ‘No comment’ on this)

Will Bitcoin rocket after the sharp decline in price or is there a place for another crypto crash?

Bear or bull?

According to ChangeNOW, some financial analysts claim that the current situation is the “growing pains” that happen as the market matures, with people like John McAfee saying that BTC will hit the $1 million mark in 2020, assuming it has matured by then.

Others not.

“BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has changed his opinion on the possibility of Bitcoin rocketing and now claims that BTC could drop to $2.000. According to him, 2019 will be a year of a long bear market. So far, his newest prediction is coming to life with Bitcoin price plunging,” says ChangeNOW.

Other influencers, such as Sam Doctor, Michael Novogratz, and Ronnie Moas have more humble, yet still optimistic predictions in the range from $20.000 to $36.000.

As ChangeNOW recommends, the number 1 rule of cryptocurrency trading is to never invest what you cannot afford to lose!