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Bellevue Medical Center celebrates 5 years of Medical Excellence

Bellevue Medical Center (BMC) celebrates its fifth year anniversary just a few days before Christmas during its annual Christmas Dinner. The event held for more than 400 BMC team members and doctors at Habtoor Hilton Hotel on December 19th, commemorates BMC’s 5 years of services and dedication to the community.

During this memorable occasion, special and valuable awards were distributed to employees as part of BMC’s “investment in people” vision. The awards given were based on 8 different categories as follows: Outstanding Staff, 5-Year Loyalty, Innovation, Safety Star, Unsung Hero, Best Family Environment Team, First Volunteer Responder, and Loudest Smile. Employees and doctors who have served the hospital for 5 years since its opening were honored and a special tribute was given to the main founder, owner and chairman of the board of the hospital, Mr. Elie Maalouf.

In 5 years, BMC established itself to become one of the country’s top healthcare institutions, affiliated to St. Joseph University (USJ)’s medical school and the youngest hospital to obtain the prestigious Joint Commission International accreditation for its quality healthcare service.

Furthermore to its achievements, BMC will also be helping out the disadvantaged. Since 2011 and on a yearly basis, BMC has been working with several institutions and NGOs to serve the community and those in need. This year BMC has collaborated with ‘Bonheur du Ciel’ or Heaven’s Joy Association, a spiritual apostolic, charitable and social, non-political and a non-profit association. The association not only provides food and clothes on a weekly basis for 690 families, but also manages several drug rehabilitation centers, the homeless, poor children and is building a new center for disadvantaged women.

BMC will specifically focus on the homeless center and help improve it.Currently, it accommodates 29 men of all ages and provides them with an evening meal and a place to stay and wash up at night.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Nayef Maalouf, Vice-President for Administrative Affairs, said, “It’s been a fantastic journey with BMC so far. We are so pleased to mark this new milestone on our calendar and help out those in need. The staff at BMC worked really hard the past five yearsand giving back to the community this time of year is such a self-fulfilling achievement for all of us.”

With a long vision ahead and its growing team of experts, BMC will continue to seek out new and innovative medical practices that will bring its patients only the best in medical care and service.

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