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Big Finale of second Season of Green Mind Award takes place

The Big Finale of the second Season of Green Mind Award took place on Monday June 9, 2014 during a one of a kind ‘Green Mind Day’.

The Green Mind Day was held at IXSIR, Basbina, Batroun – Lebanon with the objective of introducing the participants in the Green Mind Award competition (semi-finalists, finalist and winners) so called the ‘Eco-preneurs’, to potential investors who had the interest in socially responsible investing, that may not only yield great business returns but also make help make the world better.

The event included an exhibition, one-on-one meetings between the Eco-preneurs and the investors for the ‘Venture Capital Matching’ and a power speech delivered by Mr. Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. More than 70 Eco-preneurs joined the exhibition to display material and information about their submitted Green Projects, and more than 20 investing individuals and companies pleasurably joined the event with a will to lay hands on fascinating projects, and fund their further development and replication.

The event highlight was a greatly inspiring power speech delivered to the participants by Mr. Carlos Ghosn right after he had a tour over the exhibited projects and got introduced to Green Mind Award – Season 2 Eco-preneurs.

“The winners of this year’s Green Mind Award have demonstrated the kind of innovation and creative problem-solving that’s needed to address the world’s environmental challenges,” Mr. Ghosn said. “The award shows the many ways in which companies, governments, institutions and individuals can make a difference when we unleash our imagination,” he added.

Mrs. Nada Zaarour, President of Green Mind, also congratulated all the ‘Eco-preneurs’ saying: “Rewarding the Green Achievers goes beyond handing them beautiful trophies and making them Green Stars. In fact, a true reward is offering them the opportunity to grow their achievements, replicate their triumphs and advance their ambitions. We have made this reward our mission through the Green Mind Award program, and are very happy to see it today come to life. Our event slogan was always ‘Green Meets Glamour’, and now it is meeting Opportunities as well.”

The organizers of Green Mind Award, Green Mind in partnership with e-EcoSolutions, were happy to conclude the very successful Green Mind Award – Season 2 journey through their unique ‘Green Mind Day’ and anticipate an even bigger and broader success in Season 3.

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