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Bihar 2014 anchors at Marina Mall

The Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority (CICPA) will kick start its recently launched annual campaign for this year “Bihar 2014” mall stall at Marina Mall. The stall will be in the mall from 23rd to 25th of October, 2014 from 6 pm – 10 pm.

Staff Navy Brigadier, Salem Al Kindi, Chairman of the Bihar committee and spokesperson of the campaign says: “These malls stands will tour several malls of the UAE, starting with Marina mall. These mall tours have been a very important campaign element – as seen from the last year’s success. The Bihar2014 mall stall will help us engage with the public in large numbers and that too in a relaxing environment. It is great opportunities for the public to get all their queries answered in one go and go home more informed about sea-safety and sea-rule”

The Bihar mall stand is impressive for its sheer size and scale. It will be located right at the center of the mall, near the fountain area of the ground floor for maximum impact. It will offer a relaxing space in the mall wherein interested public and curious bylookers can walk into the space and interact with the campaign’s representatives. It will be an ideal platform to inseminate key messages about the campaign – i.e. all the critical aspects of marine environment. CICPA representatives will also be distributing flyers and talking to visitors concerning the relevance of sea safety, rules and regulations; the primary emergency number 996 and how to protect the vulnerable coastal environment.

Additionally, there will be a kids workshop and a sand artists show. The aim is to ensure that visitors get educated on key areas of sea-safety that will come handy each time they visit the beach or maneuver through the sea.

The campaign initiated by CICPA underlines the authority’s role as a chief guardian of the waters in the UAE and reaffirms its commitment in ensuring its safety and security which includes educating the beach and sea-goers about the practical and necessary aspects about embarking on the sea.