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Bin Mirza International introduces Food Safety system to set standards throughout group

Bin Mirza international (BMI) have recently participated in a specialized HACCP based Food Safety Management system run through the Food Safety Academy at the National Hospitality Institute (NHI) who are partners with the well known CIEH in the UK. Several staff from Nando’s, Bread talk, Second Cup received 1 to 1 coaching from food safety expert William Wood of SFBB systems UK.

Jannat Moosa, Marketing Director at Bin Mirza International, said, “We are delighted to have implemented the FFS system across all of our brands and in every outlet. This not only accredits the premises with a HACCP based Food Safety Management system, it also helps to develop the staff’s knowledge of food safety which they can then pass on to new and existing employees.”

Robert MacLean, Principal of NHI, said, “By establishing a Food Safety System within BMI, we have been able to guide staff through the steps towards a comprehensive daily routine that will ensure the business operates safely and safeguard public health. The coaching programmes offered by NHI can be tailored to the individual needs of each business and delivers a practical. Hands on solution to their unique food safety and hygiene issues. BMI has a wide variety of different needs and we have designed a custom program for all staff to follow now and in the future.”

Based on an internationally recognized industry criteria that is set in line with Muscat Municipality food control regulations, NHI operates Training programmes at four different levels, Food Safety Management and Audit and Inspection all designed to help businesses achieve the highest standards of food hygiene and HACCP requirements for food safety management.

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