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Bio Oil hosts Ramadan Iftar in Khobar for media and clients

Bio Oil recently hosted its Annual Ramadan Iftar for media and clients held in holiday Inn Khobar to appreciate all the efforts our Media and clients undergo to make Bio Oil successful among Saudi consumers.

In an intimate and amicable atmosphere, Bio Oil Iftar was celebrated to praise the efforts of media figures, suppliers and distributors in carrying out successful business of Bio Oil in Saudi Arabia.

Following the great success of Bio Oil in the year 2014, Bio Oil organized Ramadan Iftar for all the media members and clients to share the blessed memories from the event. The event included a speech accompanied by traditional Ramadan food and media gifts were distributed to all the media members and the clients to strengthen their relationship.

Mr. Mohammad Oteifi hosted the event and took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the media for their longstanding support for making Bio Oil successful in Saudi Arabia and given a brief speech on the success of Bio Oil drastic achievements and results in removing the stretch marks and scars.

“We are pleased to celebrate this month with our media friends and clients who are the key drivers behind the success of Bio Oil. We are confident that our close collaboration with local clients will lead to the introduction of more innovative products from Bio Oil into the Saudi market,” said Mr. Otefi, Marketing manager of Bio Oil, Saudi Arabia.

This event is part of the Bio Oil Company’s efforts to maintain the high levels that the company has in appreciating the media, employees and clients and building the exceptional work environment.

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