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Biolab honored for introducing Luminex 100/200 analysis system

Biolab, the exclusive Biomnis dealer in the Kingdom, was recently honored by global provider of biotechnology solutions, Luminex, for making substantial strides in the field of molecular biology and immunology by introducing the Luminex 100/200 analysis system into their molecular genetics department.

The class leading Luminex 100/200 is the latest device of its kind in the Middle East, used extensively in diagnostic procedures related to organ transplants as well as in the diagnosis of viral infections and autoimmune diseases. Utilizing the principles of flow cytometry, the system is capable of performing accurate and fully automated tissue typing ? a process previously performed manually at Biolab ? in addition to performing PRA (percent reactive antibody) analyses to measure the amount of HLA antibodies in a patient’s serum.

Dr. Amid Abdelnour, CEO of Biolab, expressed his great pride in the honor received by Biolab, which he considers a direct recognition of Biolab’s efforts toward elevating the standard of medical testing and diagnostics in Jordan through the expertise of its people and the regular introduction of cutting edge technologies into its various departments.

Dr. Abdelnour further noted, “The Luminex 100/200 offers a plethora of advanced features that facilitate the diagnosis of a variety of conditions, particularly its ability to simultaneously measure up to 100 chemical constituents in a single microplate, using extremely small sample volumes. This, he explained, will substantially boost productivity and patient satisfaction, all the while offering additional accuracy and clarity to the diagnostic and treatment process.”

Biolab is a pioneer in applying advances in medicine and science to laboratory testing, providing a broad range of medical diagnostic services to individuals, physicians, hospitals and other laboratories, in addition to offering a wide array of medical, scientific and consultancy services in the fields of health and diagnostics. Leveraging on cutting-edge technology, high caliber staff and an extensive insurance and bank affiliate network, Biolab offers its patients an unparalleled premium experience, prioritizing reliability, accountability and convenience.