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Biolab launches its 10th branch in Khalidi street

Biolab, the exclusive Biomnis dealer in the Kingdom, recently launched its 10th branch in Khalidi St. near Farah Hospital, celebrating yet another milestone in its long-term expansion plan.

On this occasion, Biolab’s CEO Dr. Amid Abdelnour added that Biolab is continually working to expand its network of branches with the objective of providing its services to as many demographics as possible.

He explained, “Throughout its branch network, Biolab provides its services at the highest possible standards in compliance with the pricing structure previously set by the Ministry of Heath, in line with its vision of becoming a primary partner of the public health community.”

Biolab is a pioneer in applying advances in science and technology to laboratory testing. With a repository of more 700 tests, the network provides a broad range of medical diagnostic services to individuals, physicians, hospitals and other laboratories, in addition to offering a wide array of medical, scientific and consultancy services in the fields of health and diagnostics. Biolab links all branches through one unified electronic network enabling patients to access their files at any of its branches.

Leveraging on cutting-edge technology, high caliber staff and an extensive HMO and bank affiliate network, Biolab offers its patients an unparalleled premium experience, prioritizing reliability, accountability and convenience.