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Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla inaugurates Al Adil Supermarket’s first outlet in Bahrain

Al Adil Trading Co LLC, U.A.E.’s leading name for Indian food stuff opened their 26th outlet in GCC and the first Al Adil Supermarket in Bahrain. The outlet was inaugurated by Ms. Juhi Chawla, the beautiful Indian actress in the presence of Dr. Dhananjay Datar, Chairman Al Adil Trading and Mr. Noman Shaikh, Managing Director, Al Adil Supermarket.

Announcing this in a press briefing Dr. Dhananjay (Jay) Datar, who is is popularly known as Masala King, said that a record crowd of more than 50,000 people turned up for the inauguration of the new outlet of Al Adil Supermarket which is situated in the heart of Bahrain at Yateen Centre, Manama.

The outlet will meet the growing needs of people for high quality Indian food stuff.

“Our first outlet in Bahrain is strategically located to cater to the wider section of the Indian population in Bahrain. For a long time we have been planning our expansion outside the UAE. Our expansion plan is a growing a testimony to the faith that our customers have in our products. Today Al Adil has become synonymous with high quality Indian foodstuff and this is just a beginning of our expansion plans for the region. We are planning to open 10 supermarkets in Bahrain soon,” he added.

In the almost 30 years since opening its first store in the UAE, Al Adil has acquired a cult-like status among Indian expatriates. Al Adil Trading under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Dhananjay Data has worked out an attractive inaugural offer to the valued customers. “We will offer a wide range of products at half price offer at our newly inaugurated Manama branch. This is mainly because of the success of the Al Adil Half-Price offer that we have in the UAE. We are offering more than 100 foodstuff items covering a wide range of pulses, atta, masalas, spices, sugar, ghee, pickles, basmati rice, other rice varieties, biscuits, namkheen and many other products at half price to our customers. This is an initiative from our side to give back to the society. There are many people in the society who need the support of business houses to meet their daily living needs. With this initiative we try to reach out and provide assistance in a manner that we can. We do not do this to enhance our business. We do it because we feel it is our responsibility,” added Dr. Datar.

“Our policy is to reach out to our customers. We strongly believe in customer convenience. A major factor that adds to the convenience of customers is good location and proximity to where they are staying. Our store is easily accessible and provides a wide range of Indian foodstuff. Our products are noted for quality and over the years we have never had an instance of customer complaint on account of quality. For Indian expatriates as well as for expatriates from other parts of the globe, we have become the preferred choice when it comes to Indian foodstuff.

“We are happy to state that we have grown in a major way from our modest beginning when we opened our first outlet in Dubai to cater to the needs of Indian Housewife. Customers used to come to our outlet since they were able to get what they want at reasonable prices. The tremendous response encouraged us to open more branches. Today, thanks to the ever growing support base we have 25 retail outlets in the UAE and 2 spices factories and 2 flour mill factories – a strong testimony to our hard work as well as identifying the needs of the customers and providing them with products that meet this need,” pointed out Dr. Dhananjay Datar.

“We have laid down very stringent quality norms and there is no compromise towards that. Our stringent quality control measure has helped us to win numerous awards and recognition from nationally and internationally acclaimed bodies,” he observed.

Al Adil Supermarket also has the major brand PEACOCK.

“Under the Peacock brand umbrella we have all types of Spices, Pulses, Wheat, Atta, Rice and Indian Foodstuff items that are packed and sold in various packing sizes according to the customer requirement. We offer more than 8500 items imported directly from India. Under the Peacock brand we have all types of pickles, Ras Gullas, Gulab Jamun and confectionery items which are sourced from India and packed in various sizes as per our specifications. We are a certified 100% pure vegetarian store and has got the certification from Union Vegetarian International,” he added.