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Bottom freezer refrigerators more popular than top freezers

Bosch’s products demonstrates commitment in the smallest details and features

Buying a refrigerator is something that happens occasionally, and with the availability of numerous products and different styles, making the right choice is crucial as it is the most important and most used appliance in your kitchen.

Refrigerators and freezers come in a wide array of styles, from basic to high-end models. Traditionally, a top freezer fridge features the freezer on the top – which is almost one-third of the unit’s total size, and a refrigerator at the bottom.

On the other hand, bottom freezer refrigerators are designed along the same lines as a top freezer fridge, but with the freezer at the bottom. While top freezer fridges are the most common type of refrigerators available in the market, bottom freezer fridges are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

As most people access their fridge compartment more frequently than the freezer, bottom freezer fridges are fast gaining popularity with consumers, owning to the refrigerator positioned at eye and arm level. The bottom-mounted freezer design helps the user to easily find and reach frequently used food and drink items, thereby keeping a more active check on the stock resting in the fridge. Frozen foods are used less, so having them at the bottom leaves plenty of room for all of the fresh foods and beverages being refrigerated at eye level. This means no more bending down numerous times to get into the vegetable drawer.

Today, consumers are increasingly looking for refrigerators with design, technology and convenience, however, with every major brand featuring a bottom freezer refrigerator, the choices seem endless. Bosch Home Appliances offers an impressive range of refrigerators designed around the needs of modern households and families. Known for its premium quality and German technology, Bosch freezer refrigerators are sure to improve one’s quality of life. Developing on in-depth consumer insight, Bosch champions bottom freezer refrigerators over conventional ones.

“At Bosch, we undertake challenges that does not just address the functional needs of our customers, but also adds value to their complete wellbeing. Our bottom freezers are designed to significantly ease the muscle stress that consumers would otherwise suffer from when using a conventional one. Bosch refrigerators reduce the frequency of bending to a mere 20 per cent, as against an excessive 80 per cent involved in the use of top freezer refrigerators,” said Georg Kazantzidis, Director Marketing & Business Development, Bosch Home Appliances.

The Bosch bottom freezer fridge also features a dedicated ChillerBox that stores meat, fish and ready meals fresh up to two times longer. The HydroFresh Box, apart from segregating the veggies from the meat, prolongs its freshness by maintaining optimum humidity level. Sparing users from the cumbersome process of de-frosting contents is the unique NoFrost technology, thereby enhancing customer convenience and experience. The need to maintain a consistent level of air circulation and internal temperature is met by the MultiAirflow and FreshSense systems in Bosch Refrigerators.

Bosch’s products demonstrates commitment in the smallest details and features, and represents uncompromising quality, technical perfection and maximum reliability for its customers. As refrigeration appliances evolve to prosper in the heat of stiff competition, Bosch Home Appliances leads the way in crafting an enviable lifestyle for its customers.