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Burgan Bank wins ‘International Diamond Star for Quality’ award from BID

Burgan Bank announced that is has recently won again and for the second year, the prestigious “International Diamond Star for Quality” award from Business Initiative Directions (BID), a world- wide renowned organization that recognizes companies that implement and promote a strong quality culture. The bank’s recognition demonstrates its commitment to applying the highest quality control measures across its operations.

Burgan Bank’s success was announced during the International Star for Quality Convention, which took place in London, United Kingdom.

Mr. Adrian Gostuski, Group Chief Operations Officer at Burgan Bank, said: “We are proud to have won again the ‘International Diamond Star for Quality’ award from Business Initiative Directions. The award signifies our overall approach of delivering world class processing solutions that meet our customer’s financial demands, and further echoes our leadership in operations, service and quality.”

“This was not the first time that BID recognizes our commitment to quality that is driven by our ‘Excellence’ as a core value. The bank was awarded with the ‘International Platinum Star for Quality’ award last year and earlier in 2008, the bank bagged the ‘International Gold Star for Quality’ award. Pinning down such awards consecutively – from the gold to the diamond categories – reflects the bank’s position in adopting international quality standards across its operations,” added Mr. Gostuski.

The awardees were selected by the international committee, which consisted of company leaders from more than 90 countries who meet annually in London, Paris, New York, Frankfurt and Geneva. The selection of the ‘International Star for Quality’ award is assessed across a number of areas, namely: customer satisfaction, innovation, research & development, continuing education, post sales service, quality, ISO 9001, environment recycling, business excellence, TQM implementation, profitability, permanent growth, brand management, leadership, and management.

Burgan Bank’s achievement of the Diamond award this year further builds on its string of accolades, and is a clear indication of its constant perusal of excellence through embracing international quality standards, a step that marks its strong position across the banking sector.