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Sweaty palms? 5 social and business handshakes that can ruin your career

There are certain cardinal rules involving handshakes, no matter which culture you’re in: Limp, sweaty and shaky hands will get you in trouble every single time, especially in business.

In the Middle East, for social or business occasions, left-handed people should shake using their right hands, and male greeters, when introduced to a female, should wait to see if her hand is being extended.

While there are other handshake dos and don’ts that could ruin your career, let’s first see what researchers say about strong handshakes.

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A strong grip on life  

According to UK’s Daily Mail, people with a strong handshake are better at problem-solving, memory tests and reasoning.

Quoting research led by the University of Manchester, the daily reported that whomever said ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, was likely right.

People with a stronger hand grip are better at problem-solving, memory tests and reasoning, and have faster reaction times, the study found.

“A database of more than 475,000 people showed those with more muscle strength in their hands appeared to have better brains, reported the UK daily on the research results.

“Previous findings showed that people with a less impressive hand grip also have more degradation of white matter – the cells which act like cables to link up brain regions.”

The latest study found people with a stronger grip could solve more logic problems in two minutes and remember more numbers from a list, as well as reacting more quickly to visual stimuli.

The latest findings, published in the journal Schizophrenia Bulletin, show that hand grip can predict the mental abilities in people aged 40 to 55, as well as those over 55.

That’s for firm versus weak grips, but people have all kinds of other handshakes in their personality arsenal.

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Skin and bones

We’ve all heard about the Power Shake (firm grip), and the Bone Crusher Shake (painful tear jerkers).

AMEinfo has patented names for certain handshakes and offers explanation of what they mean:

1-Sweaty” Handshake: Obviously a nervous person, but could also be someone with some kind of skin disease- Result: Where can I rinse my hands, ASAP?

2-“Limp” handshake: There is really no intent to shake, or energy to extend arm forward. All indications are for an introvert ready to flee the room. Result: Not nice to meet you!

 3-“Let’s get it over with” handshake: Here is a person not applying for a job but rather showing you who the boss is. So no sooner does he/she shake hands with you that the hand is quickly retracted never to be touched again. Result: Boss me again and we will have a big problem.

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4-“Double barrelled” handshake: It’s like two weapons aimed at you, at once, and at great speeds. The idea here is for both hands to cover as much real estate on your body (hands, arms, shoulders, back), to convey warmth, friendliness and trustworthiness. Result: Hands off! I don’t even know you!

5-“You’re stuck with me” handshake: The person holding your hand suddenly latches on taking you on a tour of his office, home, garden or apartment, as if you were going to get lost without him/her. Result: Can I get my hand back? Thank you.