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Expert commentary: Pioneering a new age in ‘Business Networking’

QPQ is an international business network for established business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers and high-net worth individuals. QPQ stands for Quid Pro Quo and as the name suggests the members of this elite group benefit from each other as they grant a favor in return for something while growing their network and business in the process.

The following article is by: QPQ Founder – Oksana Tashakova

The importance of networking and referrals in business cannot be overstated.

Increasingly, serious business owners and influencers now realize that networking extends far beyond individuals forging their own career paths. Networking is absolutely critical to foster corporate growth and success.

A recent survey conducted by Heinz Marketing revealed that 84% of B2B decision makers initiate the buying process based on a referral. Additionally, the sentiment was shared across professionals in frontline sales, sales leaders, and marketers. They concurred overwhelmingly that B2B referrals are among the best leads you can receive.

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Technology communication agency Blanc & Otus and business software review company G2 Crowd reinforced this finding through their own research, which showed that 83% of buyers say that word-of-mouth is the top driver in the final selection of vendors.

Co-Founder of the digital business networking platform QPQ, Oksana Tashakova, summed it up best: “In today’s world, networking is a necessity. A mountain of research shows that professional networks lead to more job and business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, improved capacity to innovate, faster advancement, and greater status and authority,” she explained.

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The Missing Platform

Despite the need for B2B networking, it would seem that ideal opportunities to make the right connections are rare.

In his article for Forbes magazine, marketing expert Steve Olenski pointed out that while there is a growing focus on forging B2B relationships, they are often hard to build. “Finding another business to partner with has proven to be a very daunting task. However, the benefits of forming these partnerships are endless and they could even make or break your business,” he states.

With the paramount importance of B2B networking, in tandem with the inherently difficult nature of forming mutually beneficial relationships, how do corporations take a smart and strategic approach?

Many are embracing the digital age by turning to online social networks. This method is unfortunately very limiting on many levels, as most sites are geared for social interaction rather than professional collaboration. Forbes’ contributor Olenski notes that businesses that turn to sites like LinkedIn quickly uncover its shortcomings. “The website is designed for business people to network with business people, not for businesses to interact with businesses.”

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Bridging the Gap

Innovators in the corporate sphere are now pioneering new platforms that will forever change business networking. In the GCC, QPQ (Quid pro Quo) is one of the most powerful networking tools for major influencers in the region and is expected to contribute to the region’s forward momentum.

All signs point to a year of economic growth in the GCC, especially in UAE. The January 2018 Dubai Economic Outlook cited diversification, high levels of openness, and positive global trends as the major drivers behind an anticipated 3.5% growth in Dubai alone. Positive economic development is mirrored throughout the UAE. A March 2018 report released by HSBC showed that 77% of UAE businesses expect an increase in trade in the next year.

It is no surprise that out of this promising market would come one of the most powerful business networking platforms. QPQ International is targeted exclusively towards well-established business owners, SME’s, entrepreneurs, and high-net worth individuals. Members of this community are rewarded for helping others make the connections they need to drive their business forward in a system that encourages participation and mutual benefit, offering a truly state-of-the-art business referral network unlike anything that has come before it.

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Looking Ahead

Platforms such as QPQ signal that the corporate sphere may finally be catching up to the benefits of online networking, transforming that power into something specifically tailored to the needs of business.

For the benefit of business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe, the future of B2B networking is beginning a long-awaited evolution.