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C3 Saudi-American Healthcare Forum concludes with success

Saudi-American Healthcare Forum recommends a unified command system for disaster management under GCC umbrella

The “C3 Saudi-US Healthcare Forum , held in Riyadh from 27 to 29 April 2015, resulted in a series of recommendations for both regions to take action in forming a more diverse dialogue and trusted partnership in the healthcare industry.

In the presence of representatives of the participating of health institutes and local and international healthcare experts, the organizing committee called in particular for improved communication between each other, including more efficient in promoting dialogue and grow existing relationships to facilitate new ventures and opportunities among Saudis and Americans in the field of healthcare.

Adel Abdul Shakoor, president of XS Conferences & Exhibitions, organizer of the event said that the forum resulted in the production of recommendations that will be implemented in next year’s agenda.

Stating the recommendations, Shakoor said that the committee decided to establish a Saudi American healthcare committee under the Saudi American Business Center responsible for transferring knowledge and experience and planning for training programs and professional visits.

“Secondly, conducting workshops, training courses and medical exhibitions,” he said.

He continued “The third one is initiate a Saudi American medical best practice award to recognize the distinguished healthcare experts.”

He went on and said the committee recommended the Saudi- American Healthcare Forum will be held annually, initiating a unified command system for disaster management under GCC umbrella and finally, facilitating healthcare investmnets between Saudi and American health companies.

Speaking about the forum which was attended by an international delegation of 800-1,200 attendees, from more than 30 countries, he said “It gathered leaders, policy makers, educators and medical professionals to uncover and promote both U.S. and Saudi initiatives that are focused on healthcare improvements and the forum has witnessed great success.”

He noted that it was an ideal platform for joint ventures and partnerships between influential decision makers in Saudi Arabia and in the U.S.

The C3 Saudi-American Healthcare Forum titled “Improving Healthcare Through Bilateral Knowledge,” discussed the most up-to-date information on important healthcare topics including infrastructure, the shift from communicable diseases, the future of primary healthcare, and cooperative assistance for knowledge transfer.

According to shakoor, “The fight against disease is not a fight for glory. It is about resources and research and about access to the best healthcare services in order to improve survival and quality of life. It is a fight for a better and healthier life for all of us, but most of all for our children who will live in this very interconnected world.”