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Career clinics for AUST students

Department of Community Services at Ajman University of Science & Technology held a workshop titled ‘Career Clinics’ hosted by Mr. Fahad Khalad, Nationalization Manager, Rak Bank.

AUST regularly organizes such sessions where a representing individual from a professional background delivers a workshop to students. This provides an insight into the practical world the students will enter upon graduation.

Mr. Khalaf, explained, “The intricate workings of a bank, its operations and the employment opportunities it offers. The students learned about the employment process; from application to induction. They were also given a brief about the training and development courses offered to the employees. These not only enhance their career prospects but also develop their skill set to match the undertaken job.”

He outlined, “The qualities that a graduate or new employee has to possess in order for them to have a successful career. Importance was stressed on enthusiasm and dedication to work which make the foundation of their careers stronger.”

The session was followed by an introductory lecture by Mr. Bharat Kumar, strategic Account Manager, Monster Employment Agency. He stated, “The website offers multitude of jobs in all sectors of the economy.”

The team that held the workshop also included a training specialist Ms. Bushra Zaidi, Executive Director Training and founder of LEAD training institute who presented solutions for students to write the best resume and the most benefits of the characteristics of a good CV. She also showed students ways to search for the right job and how to correspond with them.

Around 65 AUST students benefitted from this comprehensive workshop and open discussions at the end. Community Services Department plays an active role in harnessing the various resources available for the sole purpose of facilitating the students’ integration into the practical world.