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Cayan Group announces major company restructuring

The company’s growing client base includes more than 2,000 customers from all over the world

Cayan Group announced lately a company restructure thus establishing itself as the base for five new subsidiaries; CAYAN Development, CAYAN Homes, CAYAN Community Management, CAYAN Hospitality and CAYAN Assets.

Proudly recognizing itself as a Challenger with a clear understanding of the geographic footprint, Cayan Group’s move towards becoming a more streamlined body comes in a bid to drive a powerful value proposition to both engage and retain the brand’s target customers.

This reorganization further reflects the Group’s three dimensional strategic platform which is based on the below beliefs:
•The belief that CAYAN can compete at the forefront of real estate innovation through design and engineering of its projects, along with an ambition to create living environments which add value and improve the living standards of each and every master planned community.
•The belief that trust is earned, and that the Group’s customers are allowed to hold them accountable in case they deliver against their promises in terms of project completion dates, quality of building fixtures and fittings, and after sales service.
•The belief that the concept of ‘Service’ is at the heart of nurturing relationships, which are sustainable and productive.

Commenting on the restructure, Ahmed Alhatti, President and Chairman of Cayan Group, said: “At Cayan Group, we dedicate ourselves to a timely delivery of quality projects to our valued customers and it is this approach that has helped us operate successfully within the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon for the past decade.”

“A lot of thought has gone into this restructuring with which we intend to create an even more effectual and concentrated portfolio of companies that resolutely cater to their respective services. Last but not the least, our real asset is our team without whose unwavering support, ambition and devotion,Cayan Group would not have scaled the heights that it has attained,” he added.

With over SAR 3 Billion of Real Estate projects delivered over the past decade and another SAR 3 Billion worth of projects in the process of being developed, Cayan Group’s ambitions are most certainly well on their way towards realization.

Founded in 2004, Cayan Group-Real Estate Investment and Development is a leading international real estate investment and development group supported by an extensive network of offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The company’s growing client base includes more than 2,000 customers from all over the world. Its portfolio includes a number of leading pioneering projects such as the Silverene Towers, Cayan Cantara, The Jewels, Dorrabay, Cayan Tower and Cayan Business Center in the UAE; Layaly Compound, CMC and Samaya in Saudi Arabia; and Broumana Lands in Lebanon.

The Group’s prestigious real estate project, Cayan Tower, officially declared by the Guinness World Records in 2015 as the globe’s tallest twisted tower standing at 307 meters high, has become one of the most important architectural landmarks in the Gulf region.