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CBFS holds Strategic Change Management Program in Oman

The program was facilitated by Dr. Elspeth Murray, Associate Dean of MBA and Masters Programs at Queen’s School of Business

The College of Banking and Financial Studies (CBFS) recently conducted a Strategic Change Management Program in Muscat, Oman.

The intensive three-day program, which ended on December 1, 2015, was offered by CBFS in collaboration with Queens School of Business, Canada. It was attended by 22 delegates from various organisations.

The program sought to help participants to identify and implement ‘winning conditions’ for change initiatives – guidance, speed and momentum- as well as develop a great execution plan to drive implementation.

It helped participants to explore the challenges of implementing organizational change, learn how to diagnose the nature of their organization’s change challenge, how the nature of an organization’s culture can play a pivotal role in the success or failure of a change initiative, how to create speed and build momentum in the change process, explore how to develop a ‘human flywheel of commitment’, identify ways to deal with resistance, examine the techniques to manage resistance to change and build sustained commitment to change, remove obstacles by building commitment amongst team members, develop a powerful framework to drive execution and implementation, design and implement a focused and action oriented change management plan, understand the leadership requirements to successfully implement a change initiative, ,methods of managing and tracking implementation of change in the organization or operational unit.

The program was built around 5 major themes-Understanding the challenge of change, change and organisational culture, creating speed and building momentum, overcoming resistance to change, implementing and managing change.

The program was facilitated by Dr. Elspeth Murray, Associate Dean of MBA and Masters Programs at Queen’s School of Business. “The success rate is very low for major organizational changes such as culture change, integrating acquisitions, launching new products and services or implementing new IT platforms. Much of the accepted conventional wisdom about change, such as taking it slowly, and getting everyone on board at the outset, is misleading in today’s fast-paced business environment. A new framework for organizational change is needed by many organizations. Executives now have to ask what has to be done to establish the ‘winning conditions’ that maximize the likelihood of success in these risky endeavours,” said Dr. Murray.