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Centro Sharjah supports Fair, Sustainable supply chain

Take a Fair Trade Coffee Break at c.deli

With World Fair Trade Day at hand, Centro Sharjah shall merchandise and employ the use of Fair Trade items at c.deli, our around the clock delicatessen.

You are cordially invited to visit us to take a Fair Trade Coffee Break.

Play your role and celebrate World Fair Trade Day at c.deli, our around the clock delicatessen. This 9th May, 2015 onwards while you relax with your cuppa, make a contribution to a sustainable supply chain.

We are selling drinks and desserts which will help farmers and workers get the Fair Share they rightfully deserve.

According to General Manager, Michael Kasch: “Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a fellowship between producers and consumers.”

He added: “When farmers can sell on the terms of fair trade, it up lifts them and provides them with equal opportunities” Lastly he concluded “The Fair Trade program is at a nascent stage in The Emirate of Sharjah, Centro Sharjah is proud to be a fore runner in this initiative and play our part in support.”

You can spread the word by posting a picture on social media, tagging @centrosharjah with #FairTrade or #WFTDay. To know more log on to